Joe Biden Claims Trump Supporter Murdered In Portland To Blame For His Own Death

Biden Portland

Joe Biden has claimed that the Donald Trump supporter who was shot and killed in Portland “incited responses” and is therefore to blame for his own death.

“Inciting Responses”

At one of his rare press conferences, Joe Biden was asked if he agreed with his running mate, Senator Kamala Harris, about whether there should be charges brought against the officers who shot Jacob Blake in Kenosha, along with the officers involved in the death of Breanna Taylor in Louisville. To both he simply replied that “we should let the judicial system work it way.”

He then continued on, discussing the recent murder of a Trump supporter, Aaron “Jay” Danielson, in Portland, and suggested he was to blame for his own death, as “the Trump guys [had been] riding along in vans, inciting responses, shooting rubber bullets… or paintballs.”

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Biden Is Talking Nonsense!

As usual, Biden was speaking completely out of his rear-end. It’s correct to say that there was an incident where antifa activists were confronted with paintballs, but that happened far earlier in the day compared to when Danielson was shot in cold blood.

He was not killed as part of a mass confrontation between two groups, as Biden suggested, but shot while trying to defend himself with pepper spray. As The New York Times reported:

A man, who Mr. Pappas [Danielson’s companion] later contends is the gunman, shouts: “Hey, we got some right here. We got a couple right here.” Another man says, “He’s macing you, he’s pulling it out.” The sound of spraying is audible, followed immediately by two gunshots. Mr. Dunlap captures the shooting on his livestream. Mr. Danielson can be seen raising his arm and beginning to spray a pepper spray-like substance, followed almost immediately by the gunshots. The man in white backs away with his arm raised and then runs, along with the man dressed in black.

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Only One Side To Blame For The Violence

The violence in Portland and Kenosha is not coming from Trump supporters, Mr Biden. It is coming from the radical, communist elements, none of whom will be backing President Trump in November. And when you say that the police “become the enemy” of the American people, speaking in language of “invading” neighborhoods, it is these words that cause violence.

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