Democrats And China Virtually Working Together To Defeat President Trump

A vote for Biden is a vote for China?

The GOP may not be that blatant in the fall. But the presidential campaign narratives are coming down to two options: Do you believe the Chinese and the Democrats that the coronavirus outbreak in America was made worse by the incompetence of Donald Trump (both groups are using that as their main message right now and will probably continue it into the fall), or do you believe Donald Trump that the Chinese are largely to blame for the virus hitting America as badly as it has? The president used that theme again at his Monday press conference.

While the Democrats are extremely unlikely to make an open alliance with the communist Chinese, they may work by the old adage that my enemy’s enemy is my friend. It wouldn’t be the first time they would conspire with communists to defeat an American president.

LifeZette recently posted an article by this analyst on a famous Democrat, Alger Hiss, who was working for Soviet Intelligence while working in both the F.D. Roosevelt and Truman Democrat administrations. What is lesser known is that Senator Ted Kennedy, Democrat of Massachusetts, in 1983 secretly implored the help of the Soviets in defeating the reelection of GOP President Ronald Reagan, dispatching fellow Senator John Tunney (D-CA) to Moscow to relay the plea. KGB archives confirm the incident.

Brit Hume of Fox News agrees on the Chinese/Democrat connection, saying, “I think it comes down to…whether people end up believing that Trump lied and people died or more people believe China lied and people died… It just depends on which narrative people accept. Obviously, Democrats, they’re going to continue to say that he [Trump] was responsible.” So will China. Thus they are at least acting with the same message as the Democrats, if not much more deeply involved with them.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on April 28, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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  • if you honestly think the virus WASN'T planed, then how do you explain Fauci in 2017 talking about it's coming????? The coup didn't work, this isn't working, so now it's back to the drawing board. "impeach him for covid response" or some such nonsense. He will become the first president in history to be impeached twice, for no reason other than TDS is a sever mental disorder. These people hate america so much, they would rather see it destroyed than to see this man succeed.....*spoiler alert* he is anyway! Look at the DNC in Michigan, literally, attempting to punish 2 black, democratic females for.....wait. for. it.....Praising Mr. Trump for SAVING THEIR LIVES with hydroxychloroquine! These hateful, treasonous, traitorous individuals would rather see these women DIE before allowing them to praise "orange man bad". How despicable can you be? Honestly.

  • No matter what is tried by whom, best way to beat them at their own game is by making sure every citizen votes and that vote is counted. Any vote by a deceased citizen or illegal invader (no such thing as undocumented immigrant) need to be null and void. The state that has all these non citizen or deceased votes needs to be exposed

  • I remember Soros making that statement, you have reminded me of it, thank you. Everything you are saying is true, it was no small miracle that we elected our President Trump, they hate the American public for doing just that and are after us as well. How dare we stop their plans to destroy us all !!!!!!!!!

  • It is Long KNOWN that Democrats have BEEN working with China. Look at the years that Sen. Feinstein, had a Chinese SPY for 20 yrs. as her driver. Go back to the Clinton Adm. & see that HE was 'in the tank w/China, as was Al Gore-going there to "pick up funds from the Chinese, but claimed: "I didn't know it was FUND-RAISING." What??? How Dumb do they Think American Citizens ARE???? Obviously, they will continue the "HATE Trump meme, that says he didn't "Act, soon enough and blame HIM, all the while the Corrupt Democrats AND their Complicit Media said NOTHING about helping Americans; when Trump STOPPED
    Chinese & Europeans coming into America-HE BANNED ALL TRAVEL(Except those who were American Citizens.

    From Day One, I just KNEW this was a Deliberate Act of Aggression by Communist China, and also learned that Soros, who in 2017 at the Davos, Switzerland World's Economic Forum
    VOWED: 'To take down President Trump in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE"....One of his ideas that was mentioned included: "CRASHING THE U.S. ECONOMY BEFORE THE 2020 ELECTION"

    Because we KNOW that "Obama was his Puppet, Soros had the inside track on what did or did NOT get done during the 8 yrs. of Obama & his corrupt regime...who not only spied on then campaigner Trump, but before he was even sworn in as POTUS. They wanted Hillary, as pres. because she would have swept ALL THEIR OWN CRIMINALITY UNDER THE WHITE HOUSE RUGS"......BUT, along came the 'Outsider".....who would give America BACK TO OUR CITIZENS!

  • China started this, it came from their labs and the help of their people flying to several places to help it spread even faster, to try and cover their tracks thinking with all those people leaving China they would not be able to figure out where it camefrom. If the Dems think China likes them they are stupider than I thought

  • H-m-m-m. If they could do it without being discovered, I'm sure they would try it.
    The whole Democratic Party has an unbalanced hatred for a man who has done a marvelous job for our country. He continues to do so no matter how horrible and twisted they are to him.
    Talk about strength !!!!

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