Dem Governor Demands Biden Do Something About Illegal Aliens In His State, After Signing Legislation Making It ‘Most Welcoming State In the Nation’

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker has written a letter to President Biden encouraging him to take "swift action" in regard to the illegal immigrant crisis in his state, something he calls an "untenable situation."
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Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker (D) has written a letter to President Joe Biden encouraging him to take “swift action” in regard to the illegal immigrant crisis in his state, something he calls an “untenable situation.”

“Unfortunately, the welcome and aid Illinois has been providing to these asylum seekers has not been matched with support by the federal government,” Pritzker wrote. “Most critically, the federal government’s lack of intervention and coordination at the border has created an untenable situation for Illinois.”

The situation is “untenable” for the entire country, Mr. Pritzker, because the federal government hasn’t supported any effort to secure the nation’s border.

Reports indicate that the city of Chicago has been inundated with over 17,000 illegal immigrants in just over a year. Illinois, this past summer, cracked the top 10 of states dealing with illegal aliens.

They still rank well behind Arizona and Texas, actual border states bearing the brunt of the Biden open border policies.

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Biden Crisis Of Illegal Immigrants Scaring Even Democrats

Governor Pritzker becomes yet another Democrat who once celebrated the concept of “sanctuary” for illegal aliens to speak out about Biden’s border crisis once it showed up on his doorstep.

He joins New York Governor Kathy Hochul, who told migrants that her state was out of room and urged them to go elsewhere, and New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who fretted that illegal aliens were going to “destroy” his city.

Pritzker, though, has an idea so crazy that it just might work.

“There is much more that can and must be done on a federal level to address a national humanitarian crisis that is currently being shouldered by state and local governments without support,” his letter reads.

What if, he proposed, we actually put somebody in charge of the border?

“First and foremost, I recommend that there be one person in the federal government who works directly for you in the White House who can lead the oversight of our nation’s efforts at the border,” said Pritzker.

We could call that person a … a border czar. Yeah, that’s the ticket! If only there were somebody who could fill that role.

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Pritzker Celebrated Illinois As ‘Beacon Of Hope’ For Illegal Immigrants

Much like his Democrat colleagues in New York, Governor Pritzker’s letter to Biden urging something be done with all the illegal immigrants stands in stark contrast to his previous stance.

Two years ago, Pritzker announced that he was signing legislation that would expand protections for illegal immigrant and refugee communities.

Protections that he declared would make Illinois “the most welcoming state in the nation.”

Of note, the legislation “require(s) local officials to end partnerships with ICE.”

You can’t beg for federal help and simultaneously have a law on the books forcing officials to ignore a federal agency known as Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Following his election victory in 2022, Pritzker bragged that his triumph was a sign that residents of his state were pleased with his “sanctuary” policies.

“Illinoisans have made a decision,” he glowed. “To continue as a welcoming state that accepts others with open arms and shines as a beacon of hope.”

From a beacon of light for illegal immigrants to turning the lights off and asking Uncle Joe to lock the door in two years.


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