While most companies would rather stay away from politics, there’s a notable handful that explicitly support exclusively left-wing causes, and offer it as a selling point. Ben & Jerry’s CEO says that the business is a “social justice company.” CREDO Mobile has a mission of “social change” and donates heavily to exclusively progressive groups. A culture of social justice permeates no shortage of companies in Silicon Valley, with Google as the poster child of those left-wing attitudes. Where are the equivalents on the political Right-wing?

While it’s hard to find any companies that make conservative core values part of their sales pitch, there are a select few who come close.

Black Rifle Coffee

100% veteran owned and operated, Black Rifle Coffee is the conservative’s alternative to Starbucks. After Starbucks pledged to hire 10,000 refugees last year (obviously for PR purposes, and to take a stand against Trump), Black Rifle had a better idea; hiring 10,000 veterans.

The company is small but expanding rapidly. Even before their pledge, half of their employees were veterans.

Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby drew fire from the left for refusing to comply with an HHS mandate forcing them to provide contraception as a benefit as part of their company’s healthcare offerings to employees. The Supreme Court would eventually side with Hobby Lobby over the HHS in a historic lawsuit.

There was a liberal narrative that Hobby Lobby was refusing to provide their female employee’s health care plans with access to birth control, but that was a lie. Hobby Lobby actually does pay for workers’ birth control, including the patch, the pill, and other hormonal methods used only by women. Hobby Lobby refuses to cover only four types of contraception: Plan B and Ella (both emergency contraceptives) and two types of the IUD. That’s it. All other FDA-approved forms of birth control are covered. What this really was was a form of the abortion debate.

The Supreme Court case was still a win for religious liberty nonetheless, and successfully thwarted an attempt by the Obama administration to infringe on it.

My Pillow

You can’t watch Fox News without having seen Mike Lindell, the “My Pillow” guy before. Lindell overcame a life-destroying crack cocaine addiction to build “My Pillow” into the multimillion-dollar business it is today, and he also founded the “Lindell Recovery Network” to help other recovering addicts.

Lindell has been an open supporter of Donald Trump, and even met with Trump in Trump Tower back in August 2016 to talk about the benefits of having products made in America, and how to bring jobs back to the US. He’s stood by Fox News throughout numerous attempts from leftists to organize advertiser boycotts of the network. When David Hogg attempted to organize a boycott of Laura Ingraham’s advertisers, Lindell refused to join the others who dropped off her show, stating publicly, “I will not be bullied.”


And how could Chick Fil-A not make the list?

Chick Fil-A first became a target of the Left back in 2012 due to donations the chain made to pro-traditional marriage groups. In response to protests organized by leftists, Mike Huckabee called for a national “Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day” on Fox News. It led to the store’s largest single day of sales. They also later ceased donating to political causes, but have continued to uphold their Christian and conservative principles in other ways. Despite being accused of being anti-gay, the chain historically stayed open on Sunday following the Pulse Nightclub massacre in Orlando (which was a gay nightclub) to provide food to people donating blood.

By the way, here’s a list of the incredible Christian things Chick-fil-A has done in the past:

A half-decade after drawing fire from the Left, Chick-fil-A is now the third largest fast food chain in the country. I suppose that boycott backfired.

Flowers Food aka Wonder Bread and Tastycakes

While all the companies I’ve mentioned so far have taken some sort of action to establish themselves as allies of the Right, the maker of Wonder Bread deserved an honorable mention as the most consistent supporter of the GOP. While most companies donate to political candidates to hedge their bets, not for ideological purposes, Flowers Foods (which makes Wonder Bread, Tastycakes, among others), has made 99.5% their political donations since 1979 towards only GOP candidates. That’s more than the Koch brothers, who “only” donate to the GOP 88.1% of the time.

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