Starbucks is now being boycotted by supporters of President Trump, after the company pledged to hire at least 10,000 refugees. The move by Starbucks has nothing to actually do with Trump’s Executive Order limiting travel from terror-prone nations, but the company is willing to play politics, trying to win over the support of liberal elites willing to spend $6 for a cup of coffee.

Now, the CEO of competitor Black Rifle Coffee has a bold response to Starbucks: They will hire 10,000 veterans!

This is what the company’s founder and CEO re-tweeted on Twitter:

Their effort is going viral, and earned a lot of support on Twitter:

Fantastic news! There is nothing wrong at the core of what Starbucks said, as they are free to hire whomever they want to. But they are using the anti-Trump movement, and pretending that Trump is somehow anti-refugee. In reality, he’s simply enforcing a temporary ban on travel from 7 countries with links to terrorism, until the vetting process is improved.

Black Rifle Coffee Company, instead, is hiring our veterans after they bravely served our country. That coffee company deserves a lot of respect!

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