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Stanford University publishes a guide to "acceptable words" which says calling yourself 'American' is offensive.
December 20, 2022
Stanford University publishes a guide to “acceptable words” which says calling yourself ‘American’ is offensive.
kamala harris womankind
August 31, 2022
Unfortunately, you can always count on our generation’s Great Bard Vice President Kamala Harris to suck the awesome out of the experience.
woke ideology
February 22, 2022
What passes as penetrating insight on the left is just a newfangled version of the old fill-in-the-blanks word game Mad Libs.
woke sports racism
February 4, 2022
In the same way that MTV stopped being about music, ESPN has stopped being about sports.
Woke: Britain’s Ministry Of Defence Wants To Double Number Of Women
December 17, 2021
recent report indicated that Britain’s Ministry of Defence wants to to double the number of women recruits in the military by 2030.
Megyn Kelly Calls 'BS' On ACLU After They Alter Famous Ginsburg Quote On Anniversary Of Her Death
September 24, 2021
Megyn Kelly ripped the ACLU after the group took it upon themselves to edit the pronouns in a famous Ginsburg quote.
Donald Trump Declares ‘Everything Woke Turns To S***'
August 23, 2021
On Saturday, former President Donald Trump heavily criticized “woke” politics in America in Alabama generals.
fly your flag
August 13, 2021
So, if there isn’t a movement to #FlyYourFlag, maybe it is time to start one. Maybe it will start in a small neighborhood.
bill maher too pc
July 22, 2021
In an interview with ExtraTV, once again, Maher did not hold back, blasting Americans for being “too politically correct, too sensitive.”
critical race theory schools
April 27, 2021
So-called critical race theory has become increasingly common in American public schools, and parents are starting to push back.
business political positions
April 12, 2021
American businesses are increasingly and unnecessarily taking positions on controversial political issues, and it could be dangerous.
woke mob
March 23, 2021
By Samuel J. Abrams for RealClearPolicy Deeply illiberal mobs of so-called “progressive, anti-racists” have escaped our nation’s college and university […]