VP Kamala Harris Affirms There Are Two Genders In Artemis Space Launch Remarks

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Like many Americans, I was bummed out this week when the Artemis I launch had to be postponed due to various issues. Going back to the moon and even broader space exploration is exciting for everyone; it is a universally awe-inspiring concept.

Unfortunately, you can always count on our generation’s Great Bard Vice President Kamala Harris to suck the awesome out of the experience. I’m unsure if she has a speech writer or a communications team. However, it’s not as if she articulated any better when she did.

So get your favorite dressing out and prepare to munch on the VEEP’s latest word salad. 


Words Matter

The VP is well known for her shameless plugs for political correctness, and this week’s event was no different. Speaking on the Artemis Project, the Vice President said:

“The Artemis Program is the beginning of the next era of what we have a history and a tradition of doing – of providing vision and inspiring innovation – in a way that is going to benefit all mankind and womankind.”

There are so many things I hate about this ridiculous concept of womankind. But unfortunately, I’m unsure if I have enough space in this column to cover it. 

First of all, I need people to stop butchering the English language. Mankind references all of humanity. The fact that “man” is in the word mankind doesn’t mean only “men” are encompassed in the word – just as “humanity” doesn’t only refer to men.

Suppose that was the litmus test, then I’m not a human because man is in the word human. When I was in the Air Force, I was an Airman, not an Airwoman.

Second, separating men and women into mankind and womankind implies that my experience and inclusion in humanity is different than a man’s, which is insulting in and of itself and inaccurate. And finally…

What about the other 70 genders floating out there? If there is womankind, is there a ‘theirkind’ and a ‘zekind’? Do they not benefit from Artemis?

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DEI in Space

If you thought the above was bad, it gets worse. There was, of course, a reporter at the event who had to ask about the importance of “diversity” in space. To which the Vice President spewed the following:

“So, today, I spent a lot of time with our astronauts and with members of Space Force – Space Guardians – and students who are studying STEM. And they are every background you can imagine – young people who are smart, women, people of color.”

Am I the only one that finds it odd that she lists smart people, women, and people of color separately? As if to say, ‘man, there are some super smart people here, oh, and also some women and people of color.’

She goes on to say:

“And what they bring to the process is experiences that – that are the range of human experiences. They give perspectives that – that cover the range of perspectives that we want to incorporate not only in the mission itself, but how we are thinking about space exploration.”

And here is the cherry on top of this diversity sundae:

“Because so much of space exploration is about science.”

So, so much about space is about science Kamala; thanks for clearing that up. This woman is the chair of the National Space Council, by the way. 

So let’s talk about space and science, shall we? I’m not a scientist, but I am smart enough to know that space exploration is complicated, dangerous, and requires incredible intellect. You could say that space exploration has everything to do with science.

The people we should want working on the space program should be the smartest and sharpest scientists our country has to offer, regardless of skin color, gender, or anything else. 

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This Is What Diversity Gets Us

The Vice President is no stranger to space cadet remarks on…well…space. For example, while visiting Vandenberg Air Force Base in April, she told an audience of space professionals:

“I think everyone here recognizes how extraordinary space is. Whether it is satellites that orbit the earth, humans that land on the moon, or telescopes that peer into the furthest reaches of the universe, space is exciting! It spurs our imaginations. And it forces us to ask big questions.”

Wow. It’s as if she thought she was still speaking to the child actors in her terrible video meant to sell children on space. 

Just watch any space show or movie with your kid, and boom…they will be interested in space. My six-year-old daughter watched an episode of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” a few years ago and is still fascinated by space. Jean-Luc Picard is a much better advocate for space than Kamala Harris.

Now there are plenty who argue that the poor VP gets a bad rap because she’s a woman and black. For example, “The View’s” Sunny Hostin once said:

“What it is is that they constantly question the qualifications of black women, and that’s why people are saying that she’s unprepared.”

Sorry Sunny, the reality is that the Vice President is unprepared and, I’d argue, unqualified to be just about any of the things she’s been in her life. It’s not because she’s a woman or black; just listen to her speak.

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The Point

Artemis I is a test flight in a project meant to bring humans back to the moon. The plan is that by 2024, they will have the first crewed mission, and in 2025 humans will once again walk on the moon. 

What many want to tout with this program is that the first woman and first person of color will be the ones to make their footprint on the moon. But unfortunately, our fascination with diversity of looks versus diversity of thought will be our downfall as a civilization. 

I was often elevated as a beacon of diversity because I was a female leader in the military, and I hated it. You wanted me on your team because I was the sharpest, toughest, and most strategic thinker in the room…not because of my lack of a Y chromosome. 

I hope the two astronauts going to the moon in 2025 are going because they are the best astronauts for the job, but unfortunately, they may be just going because of their outward physical attributes. And that should not make them feel good on the inside.

On this first mission of Artemis, three test dummies are on board. I wonder if one is a female test dummy and one is a test dummy of color? Or perhaps they should just send the Vice President; she’d be a great test dummy.

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