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Robin Williams Zelda
December 21, 2023
Robin Williams’ daughter Zelda is speaking out to recall some touching memories of spending holidays with her father.
Arnold Schwarzenegger
December 21, 2023
Arnold Schwarzenegger has a touching Christmas tradition that he partakes in every year, and he’s revealing the reason behind it.
Martha Stewart
November 22, 2023
At 82 years of age, Martha Stewart has made the shocking announcement that she has cancelled her Thanksgiving dinner.
thanksgiving costs up
November 21, 2023
The traditional American Thanksgiving meal is far more expensive today than it was before Bidenflation, despite the rhetoric.
John Rich
November 21, 2023
The country music star John Rich has some big Thanksgiving plans that includes “shooting skeet” with his family.
Candace Cameron Bure
November 20, 2023
Candace Cameron Bure is defying liberal Hollywood to create content that “serves faith and family,” as we are in a “cultural desert.”
Candace Cameron Bure
November 20, 2023
The conservative Christian actress Candace Cameron Bure has launched a “wave of gratitude” social media challenge.
thanksgiving facts
November 20, 2023
Most of the family members smiling and expressing their love of all the food actually don’t like what they shovel into their mouths.
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
November 15, 2023
Nearly 30,000 people have signed a petition to fight back against Macy’s plans for a “non-binary trans extravaganza” for Thanksgiving parade.
November 30, 2022
Now the holiday season is all about virtue signaling and hitching your wagon to the latest victimhood cult to feel special about ourselves without actually doing anything special.
politics dominating life
November 18, 2022
Political divisions have torn my family apart, and traditions from when my grandparents were alive may be lost, to only live within my memories.
thanksgiving dinner politics
November 15, 2022
There are plenty of reasons to find family holiday get-togethers painful. Politics should never be one of them.