While the left likes to paint Chick-fil-A as evil for allowing its Christian values to influence how they choose to do business, those with some common sense and respect for others appreciate both their decency and great chicken!

The men and women of our local police stations risk their lives every day, but the liberal media and the previous administration worked overtime to turn people against the police. The police continue to be targeted in the media and disrespected by the very people they serve.

We’ve all heard the story of a Dunkin’ Donuts refusing to serve coffee to a police officer because he was a cop. Olive Garden, Arby’s, and other chains have also treated police officers poorly.

But one chain stands 100% behind the men and women in blue… And they don’t care if their customers approve or not! Check out this Chick-fil-A employee (below) wearing an official company shirt which says “Back the Blue.” That is Chick-fil-A’s way of saying that we should always support the police officers who keep our families safe! To Chick-fil-A, “blue lives matter!”

This was posted on Facebook… and went viral!


Chick-fil-A, a Christian-run company, has hosted a number of fundraisers for the families of fallen police officers. They are proud of our police officers and thankful for their tireless efforts.

Supporting our police can definitely hurt business and bring unwanted media attention, but Chick-fil-A is doing what’s right. Awesome!

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