CIA Allegedly Has Secret Office and Team Dedicated to Alien Craft Retrieval

cia retrieve alien craft
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Flying saucers and government conspiracies keep trending as more astounding news breaks about UFOs and secret government offices attempting to subvert disclosure. News broke last month that, allegedly, there is an office in the intelligence community dedicated to UFO retrieval operations.

These allegations came from unnamed sources who provided, as far as the public is concerned, zero evidence to prove said claim. Still, one can’t help but be mildly interested in what these sources are saying, even if you don’t believe in little green men visiting Earth.

But there is Congressional infighting that appears to be taking place regarding a little known amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act. An amendment that would pave the way for public disclosure of what the government does or does not know about UFOs.

A little truth goes a long way

The Daily Mail broke an exclusive piece on allegations that the Central Intelligence Agency has been recovering UFOs for the United States government. According to the article, three unnamed sources told the publication that nine “non-human craft” have been recovered, with two completely intact.

The sources claim that a department within the CIA’s Science and Technology directorate called the Office of Global Access (OGA) has been in charge of these retrieval missions of alien craft since 2003. It’s important to note that the OGA does indeed exist.

The summary of what this office does, according to the unnamed individuals who came forward, is facilitating the entrance and exit of military and intelligence teams in and out of any place in the world, including behind enemy lines. On its own, this office’s purpose raises some eyebrows, particularly when taking into account that what they are primarily known for is aiding in the retrieval of “stray” nuclear weapons and downed satellites.

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They go on to state that when the UFOs land, crash, or are, as they ominously put it, “brought down” to Earth, the OGA sends out special military units to salvage the crafts.

In the words of Ancient Astronaut Alien theorists… Could it be that the United States government has been using military special operators to recover spacecraft around the world without anybody knowing about it? All joking aside…the answer is maybe.

Something is going on

Tucker Carlson recently called out two members of Congress who he believes, and others have insinuated, are trying to block an amendment to the NDAA that would facilitate UFO disclosure.

Mr. Carlson said:

“Congressman Mike Rogers of Alabama, who is the chairman of the House Armed Service Committee and Congressman Mike Turner of Ohio, who is the chairman of the House Intel Committee…both of these men have been instructed to violate, in letter and in spirit, federal law, and to hide the truth about UFOs.”

That’s a bold claim coming from a bold man. The scuttlebutt on the Hill is that there are some committee leaders who are trying to stop what has been dubbed the Schumer Amendment from inclusion in the NDAA.

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The Schumer amendment would require the release of government records on UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) or what is commonly referred to as UFOs, provided they don’t pose a threat to national security (The magic Get Out Of Disclosure Free card).

Could it be true that some members of Congress would prefer this amendment not be included? For sure, even if flying saucers aren’t real, the defense and intelligence communities are notorious for lobbying members of Congress to squash any verbiage that requires the release of “sensitive” and “classified” information.

Knowledge is power

The sources who told The Daily Mail about this undercover CIA mission to retrieve UFOs laid out the general idea behind these operations:

“The task at hand is simply to get it into custody and protect the secrecy of it. The actual physical retrieval is by the military. But it’s not kept under military control, because they have to keep too many records. So they start moving it out fairly quickly into private hands.”

Taken in parts, the above isn’t so astounding. Any advanced technology or weaponry detected anywhere on this planet, regardless of its possible intergalactic origins, would interest the intelligence community.

Snatching it up and hiding it away would be the natural reaction of said community, and not trusting the military to hold onto it isn’t so far-fetched either. The Department of Defense isn’t known for its ability to keep secrets, let alone its record keeping.

It’s also relatively easy to assume that the intelligence community would partner with private entities to store and possibly reverse engineer said advanced technology. Is our government keeping information from us on advanced technology?

Of course, they are, and they have been for decades. Is this technology from another world?

Well, now that is the question of our time. I’ll keep looking towards the skies, hoping it’s true, but my gut tells me the truth is much less fantastic and way more dull and nefarious.

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