Hollywood Legend Cary Grant’s Daughter Shoots Down Rumors About His Sexuality

Cary Grant
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Rumors have been swirling for years that the Hollywood legend Cary Grant, who died in 1986 at the age of 82, was gay despite the fact that he was married to five different women over the course of his lifetime. Now, Grant’s only child Jennifer, who he welcomed with his actress wife Dyan Cannon in 1966, is speaking out to put these rumors to rest.

Grant’s Daughter Shoots Down Rumors

“I suppose the [misconception about my father] that comes to mind is the question of, ‘Was he straight? Was he gay?’” Jennifer Grant told Fox News.

“When I wrote my book [in 2011], I got hate mail saying, ‘Why aren’t you standing up for the fact that your father was homosexual?'” she continued. “But the truth of the matter is, I never saw anything to indicate that. And had he been homosexual, I absolutely would’ve stood up for it. He had gay friends and there’s just absolutely nothing to be ashamed of there.”

“But I had to speak the truth, which was I saw a very straight male who watched women, was married to women, had me,” she added. “Did he have affairs earlier in life? Perhaps. I don’t know. I wasn’t there to see it. So, I think it might not be a common misconception, but it’s certainly a rumor out there.”

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Grant Loved Being A Father

Though Grant didn’t become a father until he was already 62 years-old, he still took the role very seriously.

“I think that’s why he retired,” Jennifer explained. “He was great as an actor, obviously. He was an amazing actor, and he devoted himself to his career. And when he decided to be a father, he sort of took that hat off and put on the parent hat, and he never looked back.”

“He just devoted himself entirely to [parenthood]. But I think part of that [was] out of fear of doing it badly, somehow messing it up,” she continued. “I’m here to say he did not. He did a great job.”

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Jennifer’s Memories Of Grant

Jennifer was only 20 years-old when she lost her father 37 years ago, but her memories of him remain with her to this day.

“[I remember] dad taking me to an Elton John concert at Dodger Stadium,” she recalled. “At the time, The Bump — the dance — was in. And I taught him to do The Bump. So, we were doing The Bump in the owner’s box of Dodger Stadium. He was silly, and I had the pleasure of enjoying the later years of his life with him.”

“I think the fact that he created himself is miraculous,” Jennifer concluded. “He was such a thoughtful, kind man. If he did something unkind, he couldn’t sleep. He was a gentleman through and through. … I suppose what I want people to take away is that we can create ourselves. We can create miracles. … We don’t have to walk on water to be wonderful human beings.”

Find out more about Grant in the video below.

It’s always sad when rumors begin to spread about Hollywood stars who are no longer alive to defend themselves. What do you think about the rumors about Cary Grant? Let us know in the comments section.

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