Kellyanne Conway Says For Democrats It’s Always January 6: They Get In Electric Vehicle And ‘Go Get An Abortion’

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Reacting to the Colorado Supreme Court ruling that barred Donald Trump from the ballot in their state, his former senior counselor Kellyanne Conway had a certain kind of reaction.

The politico who made a name for herself as a bulldog made her remarks on Fox News. Watch:

She Didn’t Hold Back

“I just think the Democrats wake up every morning, Emily, and they look at the calendar, the iPhone says January six, 2021, the date never changes” she said.

Conway added, “And then they get an electric vehicle and go get an abortion. I just described the Democratic Party in 7 seconds. That’s it. That’s what I see. But it’s always January six.”

Surely an oversimplification, if only slightly. Before they get in their electric vehicles, they also check under their beds for Russian agents.

Colorado’s Supreme Court ruled that Trump violated the 14th Amendment’s ban on Confederates holding office after the Civil War.

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Mediate reports:

On Wednesday morning, Trump’s former senior counselor in the White House criticized Colorado’s Supreme Court decision barring Trump from the ballot in 2024. Trump vowed yesterday to fight the case all the way to the Supreme Court for a final ruling.

Conway said there’s been no evidence presented in a courtroom that Trump committed insurrection and that the obsession of Democrats obsession with January 6th will backfire on them in the upcoming election.

Trump famously told protesters on January 6 to be peaceful, despite an incessant media narrative to the contrary.

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Democrats Don’t Own Democracy

Conway said the court ruling was a “threat to democracy.”

“The Democrats think they own the issue ‘threats to democracy,'” she said. “They don’t own it.”

Conway added, “A lot of people are tired of being censored and shadow banned and and put upon by the government and its ridiculous regulations and legislation and calling things like inflation reduction, abolition, no such thing.”

“I think threats to democracy is going to increase as a as a focal point for Republican and center right independent voters,” she finished.

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