Anti-Trump Congressman Perfectly Explains Why Colorado Is Wrong To Ban Trump From Ballot – Constitutionally

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Former GOP Congressman Justin Amash is no fan of Donald Trump. He voted to impeach the former president, and left the Republican Party to join the Libertarian Party over his disagreements about what Trump was doing to the GOP. He eventually chose not to run for his seat again in 2020.

But when Colorado’s Supreme Court announced on Tuesday that the state would ban Trump from their 2024 presidential ballot due their judgment that he violated the 14th amendment, Amash was quick to explain why Colorado is dead wrong on this issue.


No Matter What You Believe About Trump and a Supposed Insurrection it ‘Has No Bearing On Whether He’s Eligible to Run for President’

Amash, known for explaining every single vote he ever took on his social media accounts, gave Democrats a little lesson on the Constitution.

“The opinion of the Colorado Supreme Court is shameful and runs completely counter to our constitutional system,” he began.

Amash demonstrated how Colorado is stepping outside the rule of law in barring Trump from the election for allegedly causing an “insurrection” on January 6, 2012 on Capitol Hill.

Amash wrote:

Donald Trump was not removed from office by Congress for engaging in insurrection.

Donald Trump has not been criminally convicted in a court of law of engaging in insurrection.

Whatever you believe about whether Donald Trump engaged in insurrection has no bearing on whether he’s eligible to run for president.

Amash said what the Colorado court did was “extraconstitutional.”

“No legislative, executive, or judicial body of a state should engage in extraconstitutional decision-making to disqualify a federal candidate from the ballot,” he wrote.

The former congressman considers what Colorado is doing a threat to the rule of law, writing, “This isn’t accountability; it’s an assault on due process of law. It undermines our electoral system and threatens every federal candidate for office.”

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Amash Has Plenty of Company

Others on social media Tuesday night did not think the Colorado decision would legally stand.

Republican Senator Mike Lee said forthright, “This lawless, cynical ruling by the Colorado Supreme Court will not stand.”

Sen. Lee even mocked the Colorado court.

Knox County, Tennessee Mayor and WWE star “Kane” shared a meme suggesting the decision was the real threat to democracy.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald said Colorado is “playing with fire” and is the true threat to democracy.

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The examples are endless but just know this: Justin Amash – no fan of Donald Trump – has laid out why this decision is unlawful, unconstitutional and a threat to the rule of law.

And he’s got plenty of company.

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