UFO Whistleblower Claims US Government Has “Non-human” Crafts and Remains

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It’s been quite a time for conspiracy theorists and UFO hunters. It turns out the tinfoil hat wearers might be onto something – we may very well not be alone in the universe, and our own government may have proof of it. 

This month a whistleblower came forward to provide classified testimony to Congress and exclusive interviews on information he has about an alleged secret government program that not only investigates UFO phenomenon but actually has a UFO, or at least parts of one.

But wait, it doesn’t stop there; it turns out that also, somewhere hidden away by our government, there exists “remains” that are “non-human.”

What makes this recent news different than your usual UFO chatter is that this whistleblower isn’t some stargazer who has watched one too many “X-Files” episodes. These accusations come from a highly respected military veteran, a former employee associated with the Pentagon’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) Task Force.

Could it be?

Fellow Air Force veteran and former National Reconnaissance Office representative to the UAP Task Force David Grusch told members of Congress and the media that the United States government had found fully intact UFOs and “non-human” crafts and remains. The kicker is that the government has been actively hiding both for decades, according to Mr. Grusch. 

Just let that sit with you for a spell. David Grusch is a highly-vetted veteran and government employee; for all intents and purposes, he’s of credible character and sound mind. 

Now, from what this novice UFO investigator can tell, the catch is that he has yet to provide any definitive evidence…at least publicly. It seems as though what he has as proof is from other parties who shared said knowledge. 

However, the rest of us regular old citizens don’t have access to what was divulged to members of Congress. I can say it must’ve been pretty compelling.

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Missouri Senator Josh Hawley told reporters that the U.S. government has been covering up a “huge” number of UAPs:

“The number of these is apparently huge, huge. And that is something that the government has, the best I can say about it, downplayed, if not kept from the public, for a long, long time.”

But what could “these,” as Senator Hawley refers to them, really be? 

99 Luftballons

Earlier this year, I was glued to our televisions as a Chinese spy balloon traversed our skies only to be shot down off the coast of South Carolina. Interestingly, what really fascinated me was that Uncle Sam shot down three other “unidentified objects” over North America.

Were those objects more Chinese spy balloons? Were they drones from Russia? Were they alien spacecraft? Or perhaps they were errant car dealership sales balloons? 

It turned out our government had known they had missed spy balloons over our country before; other countries have also had spy balloons in their airspace, and we have no absolute standard operating procedure for handling these instances.

Harkening back to the month of the spy balloon, Senator Hawley argues that what Mr. Grusch claims could be plausible:

“What we learned from the Chinese spy balloon incident is that one part of the government actively concealed it from the other parts of the government…because that’s what they do all the time.”

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However, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham disagrees:

“If we’d really found this stuff, there’s no way you could keep it from coming out…my gut belief is if there’s a physical piece of a spacecraft or an intact spaceship, we would’ve known about it by now.”

Kind of like how we would’ve known about giant spy balloons traveling across our country? The same spy balloons that the U.S. government hid from the former President and members of his administration?

Come on now.

Nothing to see here

One of the most significant breakthroughs in UFO investigation came this past year with the stand-up of the Pentagon’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO). So what do they have to say about these latest allegations?

AARO Director Sean Kirkpatrick released the following:

“AARO has found no credible evidence thus far of extraterrestrial activity, off-world technology, or objects that defy the known laws of physics.”

This might seem like a bummer statement for those who want to believe, but it jives with what Mr. Grusch claims. Part of his explosive testimony includes the accusation that secret aspects of our government are hiding this information, even from the offices set up expressly to investigate them. 

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The Pentagon released this predictable statement:

“AARO has not discovered any verifiable information to substantiate claims that any programs regarding the possession or reverse engineering of extraterrestrial materials have existed in the past or exist currently.”

Are they telling the truth? Probably not, but maybe this goes deeper than hiding the truth about aliens…

You will believe because we said so

Former UFO investigator for our friends across the pond at the Ministry of Defense, Nick Pope, believes that what Mr. Grusch alleges could be “all true” and adds that he believes “there’s a faction that wants to get the story out, while others are pushing back.” You don’t have to be an insider to agree with that statement. 

More and more information is trickling out from many former high-level government employees. Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Christopher Mellon backs this up with his latest statement:

“A number of well-placed current and former officials have shared detailed information with me regarding this alleged program, including insights into the history, governing documents and the location where a craft was allegedly abandoned and recovered.”

Still, the skeptics like myself remain cautiously optimistic. Mr. Pope points out:

“I’d love it to be true, but even the best qualified people make mistakes, or run a psyop where, where possibly the goal is to shape societal belief in this.”

He brings up an intriguing and valid point. It wouldn’t be the first time our government has dabbled in strategic deception. Mr. Pope continues:

“I mean, it is interesting to me that the narrative has flipped 180 degrees over the last five and a half years. It’s almost as if elements in the U.S. government are deliberately promoting belief in extraterrestrial visitation.”

Now that is worth chewing on…but to what end? Stay tuned, dear reader…and keep your eyes on the skies.

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