Christian Star Kirk Cameron Teaching Children To ‘Love Thy Enemy’ With New Book – ‘Our World Is At War’

Kirk Cameron
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The former “Growing Pains” star Kirk Cameron, who has long been one of the only conservative Christian stars in Hollywood, has written a new children’s book that aims to teach kids the important life lesson of “love thy enemy.”

Cameron’s New Children’s Book

“The Fox, The Fair, and the Invention Scare,” which hit stores today, tells the story of how giraffes and foxes ended a bitter family feud that divided their community for years. Cameron, 53, feels that the book’s message is important now more than ever, as we are living in a time of conflicts abroad between the Russians and Ukrainians and Israelis and Palestinians. Meanwhile, in the U.S., we’re divided politically like never before.

“Our world is at war, literally,” Cameron told Fox News. “And all along our children are watching, trying to make sense of things. If we can show them something different, if we can show them that we’re really all brothers, we can give them hope.”

Cameron’s new book was inspired by a true story of forgiveness that the Hollywood star witnessed firsthand years ago at the Restore America Rally in Washington, D.C., where a couple opened up about how their son had been murdered on inner-city street. Despite this being an unspeakable tragedy, the couple was determined to respond to it with faith and love.

A young man then spoke up to reveal to the audience that he was the person who killed the couple’s son. Miraculously, the couple not only forgave their son’s killer, they also adopted him to give him the love that he had been missing all of his life.

“He said the love of God demonstrated by this couple had forever changed him and gave him new life and a new heart,” Cameron recalled.  “They not only forgave him, they had something deep in their heart that allowed them to treat somebody who killed their child as if he were their own son.”

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Love And Forgiveness 

Cameron went on to point out that love and forgiveness are two of the most important lessons to be passed down by Jesus Christ.

“Earlier teachings told people to ‘love your neighbor and hate your enemy,'” the father of six said, citing the Book of Matthew. “Jesus taught us to not only love our neighbors but to extend kindness to our enemies. God sends the sun to shine on both the good and the evil and the rains to water the crops of both the righteous and unrighteous.”

Since the message of his new book is forgiveness, Cameron has launched a social media and outreach campaign in which he offers to meet with his critics in the hopes of finding some common ground.

“I’m a Christian conservative, traditional-values guy. There are people out there who appear to be my enemies,” he said, referring to the people who “hate” Christian and biblical values.

“They probably see me as their enemy,” he admitted. “But I think we can have respectful discussions about family values, morality, religion and the books we should be reading to our children.”

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Cameron Wants Unity

In the end, Cameron is hoping that his new book can unify readers everywhere.

“I thought, this is the lesson our children in America need to hear. And in Russia and in the Middle East,” Cameron said. “Love is a better way to live than hating and killing each other.”

Cameron is one of the only Hollywood stars around today who actually uses his platform to promote conservative Christian values. God bless him for continuing to go above and beyond in trying to showcase these values to the next generation of young Americans!

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