‘SNL’ Jumps Into Speaker’s Race, Mocks Jim Jordan For Failed Bid

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“Saturday Night Live!” showed its blatant liberal bias once again over the weekend when it ignored the many failures of the Democrats who are currently running this country to instead focus its cold open on mocking Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and other Republicans, including the former President Donald Trump.

‘SNL’ Lampoons Jim Jordan

The New York Post reported that “Saturday Night Live!” kicked off things off by lampooning Jordan’s failed bid to become Speaker of the House.

Mikey Day played Jordan, and he began the skit on the phone by saying, “No, I didn’t win, honey. No, not this time either. It’s okay. I’m feeling good.”

“Some of us are here to actually serve the American people,” Day continued. “All I want to do is get Congress back to work so I can shut it down again.”

George Santos, portrayed by Bowen Yang, proceeded to walk in to offer his support while holding a baby.

“George Santos? Why do you have a baby?” Day asked, to which Yang responded, “No one seems to know.”

“Just put him in an Uber,” he added as he handed the baby off to an assistant played by Heidi Gardner.

Yang attempted to comfort Day by saying, “I want you to know I voted for you, and get this, so did Shoshanna Loggins.”

“Who’s that?” Day asked.

“Also me,” Yang responded, seemingly referring to Santos being accused of identity fraud.

When Day asked if he should run for Speaker again, Yang replied, “Well, look, I would be lying if I said yes. So, yes.”

The sketch went on to mock Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), played by Chloe Finneman, who called in to talk to Day as she was simultaneously being groped in a theater.

“Are you out somewhere?” Day asked, to which Finneman replied, “Yeah. I gotta go. I’m at the theater seeing ‘Aladdin.’”

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‘SNL’ Mocks Trump

Unsurprisingly, the skit culminated by making a mockery of the former President Donald Trump, played by James Austin Johnson.

“Yoo-hoo, is this the loser’s office?” Johnson asked as he walked into the office, with Day replying, “You endorsed me and then you just kind of disappeared.”

“Yeah, well, that’s because I prefer the Jordans who win, Okay?” Johnson said. “Like the great Michael Jordan or the even greater Jordin Sparks. ‘No Air,’ remember that? Now that was a song. Tell me how I’m supposed to breathe with no air. You can’t. You can’t do it.”

“Sadly, I’ll be too busy campaigning, traveling from city to city, visiting their beautiful courtrooms,” he added. “But I’m doing great things for the courts. Great things for the courts.”

This was a clear reference to the 91 felony charges that Trump has been hit with in an attempt to destroy his chances of taking back the White House in 2024. How original.

“I did exactly what you would do. Intimidation. Threats. Why didn’t it work?” Day asked as the skit came to a merciful end.

“Well, because, frankly, you’re not me, OK?” Johnson responded. “You’re no fun, I’m hilarious.”

Check out the full sketch for yourself in the video below.

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Cold Open Backfires On ‘SNL’

Unfortunately for “Saturday Night Live!,” this cold open did not go over very well. The Guardian described the skit as “sloppy” and “rushed,” going on to describe the episode, which was hosted by the rapper Bad Bunny, as “subpar” overall.

“This was a bad episode,” the publication bluntly stated.

Social media users were quick to agree, particularly about the opening sketch:

There was a time when “Saturday Night Live!” took shots at lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, making it a show that everyone could enjoy regardless of their political affiliations. Sadly, those days are long gone, as “Saturday Night Live!” is now just another leftwing piece of propaganda that continues to obsess over Trump while ignoring the many failures of President Joe Biden.

No wonder that “Saturday Night Live!” is more irrelevant than ever these days.

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