You Won’t Believe What California is Planning to Background Check This Time

Gavin Newsom

California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom has ambitions. He is preparing to run for governor in 2018. In order to run in a Democratic primary, he is seeking to beef up his big government credentials. California already has pretty tight gun control regulations. So Newsom is changing his focus to make it harder for Californians to defend themselves in order to gain favor with gun grabbers.

He wants background checks on ammunition purchases and make possession of large capacity magazines illegal.

Newsom is pushing for a ballot initiative to do just that. And with only 365,000 signatures needed to get this measure on the ballot, it is likely California voters will be forced to choose. This will give him headlines and earn him favor with California Democrats seeking to turn Americans into sitting ducks by restricting our rights to defend ourselves.

It is already illegal to purchase, sell, or manufacture so-called “high capacity” magazines in California (most Americans consider those “regular” magazines). Newsom’s proposal would take this a step further and make possession of them illegal. He wants them confiscated.

The ammunition restriction would be hard to enforce. With ammunition available online, how can the state of California enforce this? Also, people could just drive to surrounding states and purchase ammo legally. This will make it more burdensome for law abiding citizens to purchase ammunition in a convenient location. It also will create a false sense of security and accomplishment to liberals who don’t seem to understand how common sense works.

How would you react if your state wanted you to pass a background check to buy ammunition or asked you to turn over your high capacity magazines? Please comment below.

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