Ben Carson Made A Big Announcement That His Supporters Probably Won’t Like


Ben Carson has made an announcement that has some wondering if he is a serious candidate for President. He suspended public campaign events for two weeks so he can go on a book tour. The presidential candidate is promoting his book, “A More Perfect Union” and hoping to catch up on fundraising.

This is a highly unusual move during a presidential campaign. There are often jokes about candidates running for President because they want to sell books, but Carson seems to be doing just that with this move.

His next public campaign event will be October 28th. His last one was October 2nd. That will be over 3 weeks without a campaign event. With the Iowa Caucuses quickly approaching, this should be concerning to his supporters. Any serious candidate should be shaking hands with targeted voters and seeking media coverage. He can’t do this while he is peddling books.

Carson is gaining ground on frontrunner Donald Trump, but rather than increase his efforts, he is suspending his campaign events. This does not make strong political sense and gives his competitors an advantage.

Would he skip campaigning in a general election to go on another book tour? Is this the hallmark of a serious candidate? Please comment below.

H/T: National Review

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