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BREAKING: THREE Republicans Ready To Enter Presidential Race, Challenge Trump For President!?

third party

Conservative businessman Donald J. Trump defeated 16 challengers to secure the GOP presidential nomination in 2016. His campaign has been historic, leading polls by record margins and attracting voters who don’t typically support Republicans for President.

But now, political insiders are reporting on a major effort by conservative movement leaders to ensure Trump has a challenger from an establishment Republican!

Politico reports there is a “50/50” chance of one of these three candidates entering the Presidential race this year. This would be a major blow to the Trump effort to win the White House:

COMING ATTRACTIONS: Members of the conservative intelligentsia aching for a Republican to run independent against Trump have concluded that there is “a difficult but viable path” for an independent, based largely on the unusual unpopularity of the two nominees. A well-known conservative told us the final three possibilities are Sen. Ben Sasse, age 44, of Nebraska; Sen. Tom Coburn, 68, of Wyoming; and Mitt Romney, 69.

This conservative told us to expect renewed buzz around this possibility over the next week, and sees “a 50-50 chance that one of the three will do it.”

In some states, the deadline for being listed on the ballot has passed, which means a 3rd party Republican option would only serve as a spoiler that would help Hillary Clinton win.

It’s clear the Washington, D.C. establishment and donor-class are trying to protect their interests, and Trump is clearly a real threat to their power and business model. This high likelihood of three well-known Republicans to enter this race proves just how out-of-touch the Republican Party is with their own voters.

What do you think about Sasse, Coburn, or Romney probably running for President? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us.