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BREAKING NEWS: Anonymous Just Did Something HORRIBLE to Donald Trump!


Not only does conservative businessman and GOP presidential frontrunner Donald J. Trump have to fight the political establishment… he has to deal with “Anonymous” computer hackers!

After declaring war on Trump earlier this month, the hacking organization just published private information of Trump, including his social security number, private phone number, and other personal information. Private information from Trump’s attorneys were included too.

The data dump, usually referred to as “doxxing” on the internet, is a way of using confidential information to attack someone else.

The name of the operation “#OpWhiteRose” has supposedly launched chapters across America, and are ready to fight Trump throughout the presidential campaign.
As they explain in the video (below), they oppose Trump’s strong stance against illegal immigration and compare him to Hilter…

Donald Trump has also, disturbingly proposed Nazi-style religious ID badges and databases to track Muslims in the United States. When asked if there was any difference between this and what Hitler did, he did not deny the fact that there was absolutely no difference.

Add to this his ex-wife admitting he regularly studied the speeches of Adolf Hitler, and his own reluctance to disavow endorsements by the KKK and Neo-Nazi groups and individuals, and it is clear that Trump’s platform is one of White Supremacy.

This candidate has openly promoted violence against peaceful protesters, and his words have even been considered as possibly illegal incitement to violence and rioting by law enforcement. Members of the military and law enforcement – even Secret Service – must remember their oaths to defend the Constitution itself, and the nation, against enemies “both foreign and domestic.”

Donald Trump is an enemy of the Constitution and the natural rights it enshrines.

His rallies are filled with brazen hatred, racism and violence.

Imagine if the people of Germany – Jews, Communists, the Roma people (“Gypsies”), and all others targeted by the Third Reich – had risen up against Hitler during his failed campaign for office in 1932?

Many of you have said to yourself, that if you were alive in Nazi Germany, then you would have done “something” – you would have “resisted” like the White Rose Society resisted. Now is the time to prove that.

The White Rose Society has risen again in the United States. They are at Anti-Trump protests, and rallies in support of their Muslim and Latino neighbors. You will recognize them by their wearing of a single white rose, and the use of the hashtag #WhiteRoseRevolt on protest signs.

Anonymous Red Cult stands united with the White Rose Revolt and we call on all of you – Anons and others – to stand with them and take action against Donald Trump and his new era of “Brown Shirt” terrorists, assaulting protesters, and trying to intimidate millions of peace-loving people who happen to be a different color or religion.

What do you think about Anonymous’ attack on Donald Trump? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us.