We are getting reports out of Amsterdam, Netherlands of a possible London/Nice/Berlin-style drive-through attack. A car took to the sidewalk near a major train station and ran into a large group of people.

No word yet on if it is terrorism, but with the wave of recent attacks in Europe, it isn’t a stretch to assume that the person who committed this was doing so to inflict harm and death upon innocent pedestrians.

Amsterdam police report at least eight are injured, two severely

A witness on the scene is claiming that police aren’t calling it a terrorist incident, but the driver did try to make a run for it after:

The Netherlands have been largely immune from terror attacks, though it was believed that the Paris terrorists were planning a second strike in Amsterdam around the same time. Meanwhile, the Dutch’s neighbors: Belgium, France, and Germany have all been wracked by severe terrorist attacks over the last few years.

The Dutch police are not calling it terrorism at the moment:

In this day and age, you can’t be too careful. Cars seem to be the new weapon of choice of terrorists. Regardless of it was terrorism or just some jerk who had a few too many drinks, we’re hoping everyone is alright.

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