This BOLD Move by House Republicans Will Have Amnesty Supporters UP IN ARMS

Steve King


Most of the Republicans in the U.S. House endorsed Iowa Congressman Steve King’s latest attempt to block President Obama’s executive actions that shield some undocumented immigrants from deportation. King’s amendment to a bill that outlines spending for the U.S. Justice Department forbids the agency from using federal funds to defend legal challenges to the president’s action.


“A lot of money has been spent and wasted in an attempt to — let’s say the gracious way to say it would be to stretch the constitution beyond any bounds it had been stretched before,” King said during remarks on the House floor on Wednesday.




You have to admire Rep. King. I wish he could get some comprehensive ENFORCEMENT reform going to free this country of all the illegal aliens. They are destroying this country and if something isn’t done about it now, we WILL soon be a third-world country. They say the immigration system is broken. No, what is broken is the ENFORCEMENT.

  • The first King amendment would prohibit funds from the bill from being used by the Justice Department in defending Pres. Obama’s unlawful November 2014 executive actions. The amendment passed by voice vote and then passed by a 222-to-204 margin after a roll call vote was requested. See the roll call here.
  • Rep. King’s second amendment would prohibit funds from being used by the agencies affected to negotiate immigration provisions in trade agreements with other nations. The amendment passed with a simple voice vote — a roll call was requested but was later being removed.
  • Rep. King’s third amendment is one that he’s offered to past appropriations bills and would block funding to sanctuary cities. Specifically, Rep. King’s amendment would block grants from the Department of Justice to state and law enforcement agencies that provide sanctuary for illegal aliens. The amendment passed by a 227-to-198 margin. See the roll call here.

Do you agree that Obama’s attempt to shirk the law needs to be stopped?

H/T: The Hill

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