WWII Veteran Finally EXPOSED After Years of Telling Lies

First, I would like to thank this ABC7News Dan Noyes for excellent investigative journalism in tracking down this fraud.

This had to be one of the most embarrassing moments in history of the military to have a Seaman First Class create a lie to gain benefits and accolades by telling everyone he was the youngest Lieutenant Commander in Navy history and one of the original Frogmen.

stolen valor

William Goehner, an 89-year-old World War II vet once recognized by the Library of Congress as the second most decorated veteran of the era was outed as a stolen valor thief.

Goehner claimed his UDT unit was the basis for the movie “The Frogmen” after a mission where they destroyed “80 percent of the German submarine fleet in the Baltic Sea, and lost 19 out of 30 men,” Goehner’s tall tales came to a head during the USS Hornet Museum’s “Living Ship Day.”

He discussed his “heroics” in an hour-long panel, telling how he earned his Navy Cross, three Silver Stars, and four Purple Hearts. After the “show” was over, Goehner was confronted with all of his military records by local reporter Dan Noyes.

emotional veteran

Veterans who sat through Goehner’s presentation were brought to tears after learning he is a fraud.

“I’m not sad about him, it’s the guys I knew that didn’t come back,” said Mike Arrowsmith, a former Naval Aviator.

Despite all of the presented evidence showing Goehner a liar, the veteran refused to admit the truth and said he will continue telling the tales of his missions.




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H/T: Youtube, ABC7News

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