Alyssa Milano Pushes Outrageous Conspiracy Theory About President Trump And Mail-In Voting

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Hollywood actress-turned-radical liberal activist Alyssa Milano just floated a conspiracy theory about President Donald Trump that is nothing short of bizarre.

Milano’s Outrageous Conspiracy Theory

Milano took to Instagram on Monday to say that she has “worked this election out in my head with all the twists and turns of a Hollywood movie plot.” The former “Charmed” actress proceeded to predict that President Trump will create the illusion that he has beaten Joe Biden by declaring the election over before all the mail-in ballots have been counted.

Milano wrote that, in her mind, this is how things will play out:

“Trump sends Proud Boys into blue states to incite violence—suppressing the vote in the blue states. Trump convinces his supporters that the pandemic isn’t an issue and they don’t wear masks anyway so why wouldn’t they be totally fine voting in person on Election Day. They do, in fact, show up on Election Day because Trump told them it’s safe.

That night it *looks* like Trump won. He falsely claims he won. But all of the mail-in ballots haven’t been counted yet. In the time it takes to count them, Trump spends every moment discrediting the election. Biden wins and Trump refuses to accept the results.”

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Milano Admits Her ‘Imagination Is Running Wild’

Milano then admitted that this rant is just her “imagination running wild,” going on to warn people to get mail-in ballots early.

Of course, I hope none of this is true. I hope it’s just my imagination running wild. But mark my words, this is not going to be easy. Our democracy is at stake. I wish I was being hyperbolic. I’m not. If your state has early voting, vote early. Get those mail-in ballots in early. Talk to your friends and family members. Make sure they know all the important info and have a voting plan. Stay safe. Wear a mask. Vote for Joe and Kamala to save America.

Milano has suddenly rebranded herself as a political expert of sorts, despite having no qualifications for this whatsoever. She has since become one of the most anti-Trump stars in Hollywood, which is saying a lot given how much the liberal elites of the entertainment industry despise the president.

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Milano Blasts Trump

“Donald Trump made it clear from the beginning of his presidency that he’s willing to undermine US election results and make it harder for people to vote,” she wrote in an op-ed for CNN last month. “Vote-by-mail is safe, time-tested, and secure — and doesn’t benefit one party or another, no matter what Trump says.”

This piece was written by PoliZette Staff on September 1, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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