Newsweek Column Claims Trump Supporters ‘Highly Likely’ to Kill People in 2024

Newsweek found one unhinged 'political analyst' and wrote an entire column about how it is "highly likely" Trump supporters will end up killing people in 2024.
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As if our times weren’t politically-charged enough, Newsweek has run an entire column about how it is “highly likely” that supporters of Donald Trump will end up killing people in 2024.

Newsweek found Brian Klaas, an associate professor of global politics at University College London, to suggest that former President Trump’s violent rhetoric is going to get people killed.

Klaas actually believes Trump supporters aren’t being vilified as violent enough in today’s legacy media.

“I think that’s a real failing, because it has become the banality of crazy incitement to violence, this sort of normalcy and routine of Trump saying things that could get people killed,” he said.

“What is highly likely going into the 2024 election is that a small subset of Trump’s very well-armed and extremist base will try to kill people,” he continued.

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Run! Trump Supporters Are Gonna Kill Y’all!

One analyst, appearing on MSNBC, the Temu of journalism, asserts that Trump supporters will kill people in 2024, and Newsweek was off and running.

Klaas, during his appearance, made sure to showcase some super-pursed lips to convey just how serious he is taking the subject matter.

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What’s astounding here is that Klaas, on the very same day he made remarks lamenting “the danger of Donald Trump’s violent rhetoric,” authored a blog post making “the case” to “amplify Trump’s insanity.”

“This approach has backfired,” Klaas writes, suggesting that the media hasn’t focused enough on Trump’s bombastic comments as a real threat. “It’s bad for democracy.”

“The ‘Don’t Amplify Him’ argument is disastrous. We need to amplify Trump’s vile rhetoric more, because it will turn persuadable voters off to his cruel message,” he argued.

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Don’t Let the ‘Associate Professor’ Title Fool You, Klaas Is A Weapons-Grade Dolt

Let’s review – Klaas wants the media to amplify Trump’s violent rhetoric even though it will lead to his supporters roaming the streets and killing people.

MSNBC and Newsweek responded in kind by amplifying his message. Won’t that make them all accessories to murder? We’ve been told that Trump’s rhetoric causes other people’s actions. Shouldn’t the media be held to the same standard?

Aside from the fact that Klaas writes like a pre-teen trying to get their first column published in the Daily Kos, it’s pretty clear from those writings that he suffers from some mental disorder that makes people write like this:

Sometimes, you have to write when you’re angry.

I hate writing about Donald Trump. I hate the mental energy he siphons out of my brain …

“So, write about him I must, because one man—and the dangerous movement he’s unleashed—poses an existential risk to American democracy, and by extension, to the stability and prosperity of our world,” Klaas continued.

Such a hero.

Just six days after writing those words, Hamas would launch an unprecedented terrorist attack against Israel that has led to the deaths of thousands.

President Joe Biden has lit the world on fire. There is war in Eastern Europe, where there was none under President Trump. There is war in the Middle East, where there were nothing but peace deals under his predecessor. And there is a war at America’s southern border.

But it’s Trump that is a threat to stability and prosperity.

Aside from being intellectually deficient to the point of likely attaining only double digits on an IQ test, Klaas says these incendiary things as if you have the short-term memory of Dory from Finding Nemo.

We all saw the left-wing race riots that raged for months prior to January 6th. We all saw the left-wing violence on the day Trump was inaugurated. We saw them try to burn down a courthouse in Portland, and we see them practically every day looting major stores in Democrat-run cities, attacking innocent people walking down the street, and supporting terrorist organizations.

Trump supporters aren’t going to get people killed. Liberal hacks masquerading as intellectual political analysts may, however.

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