McDonald’s Facing Potential Boycott For Giving Free Food To Israeli Soldiers – Lebanon Restaurant ‘Destroyed’

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McDonald’s is facing a potential boycott for providing Israeli soldiers with free meals. A McDonald’s restaurant in Lebanon has already been destroyed in retaliation for this, and calls are growing for the chain to be boycotted all over the globe.

McDonald’s Hit With Backlash Over Israel Support 

The New York Post reported that as of last Thursday, McDonald’s Israel had handed out 12,000 meals to IDF and Israeli residents. This was revealed on the official McDonald’s Israel’s Instagram page, which has since been made private, in a post that read that the chain had “donated and continues to donate tens of thousands of meals to IDF units, the police, hospitals, residents around the Strip and all rescue forces”

“We continue donating thousands of meals daily to our forces across the country. In addition to a 50% discount to soldiers and security forces who come to our branches,” the post added.

In another post, McDonald’s Israel wrote that it had opened five restaurants solely for the purpose of providing 4,000 daily meals to locals and the IDF.

Newsweek reported that it didn’t take long for this to lead to calls for McDonald’s to be boycotted.

“McDonald’s providing free meals to the IDF, (the military forces of Israel). We should stand by our principles and take actions that align with our beliefs. Lets boycott McDonalds bcz Supporting companies that are involved in conflicts is wrong, especially when it comes to the loss of innocent lives,” one social media user commented.

“Let’s raise awareness and encourage accountability from these brands. Remember, every individual’s voice and actions can make a difference in shaping a more just world,” this user continued, with another adding, “Dear Pakistan, Let’s BOYCOTT McDonald’s. Spread as much as you can.”

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Lebanon McDonald’s ‘Destroyed’

At the end of last week, a mob of protesters “destroyed” a McDonald’s restaurant in Saida, Lebanon, home to Hezbollah, an Iran-backed terror group that has thrown their support behind the Hamas attacks on Israel, which has killed over 1,200 people.

“McDonald’s in Israel announced that it will send 4,000 food packages daily to military personnel,” one social media user wrote. “In neighboring Lebanon, people did not appreciate this PR move by an international corporation and destroyed one of the McDonald’s outlets.”

Disturbing video footage shows protesters descending on the McDonald’s in Saida. While reports have stated that the restaurant was “destroyed” in the chaos, the exact extend of the damage is unknown at this time.

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McDonald Franchises In Four Arab States Support Palestine

Meanwhile, McDonald’s franchisees in four Arab states — the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman — have announced their support of Palestine. McDonald’s UAE released a statement saying that it is “deeply saddened by the events in the region” before pledging to donate $1 million in AED currency towards its “Tarahum for Gaza” campaign.

McDonald’s Oman released a statement of its own saying that it “stands with Gaza” and that it ” donated $100,000 towards the relief efforts for the people of Gaza.”

“McDonald’s Corporation never interferes in politics and always adheres to absolute neutrality and does not adopt any political positions for commercial interests around the world,” the statement continued.

Representatives for McDonald’s Corp. declined to comment when contacted and have yet to address this situation at the time of this writing.

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