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satan club
November 15, 2023
Lebanon Elementary School is where on Dec. 1, about 9 kids got permission slips from their parents to join the after-school Satan Club.
Mia Khalifa Gal Gadot
November 8, 2023
Mia Khalifa, the former porn star, is attacking Gal Gadot for supporting Israel, branding the “Wonder Woman” actress as “genocide barbie.”
Source: Screenshot YouTube
October 17, 2023
McDonald’s is facing calls for a boycott after providing Israeli soldiers with free food, and a Lebanon restaurant has been “destroyed.”
Veterans Guns
July 1, 2020
Veterans just grabbed their guns and began standing guard at a memorial to protect it from “violent thugs” who may try to destroy it.
Warren Pence
February 11, 2020
Elizabeth Warren sank to a new low on Sunday when she compared Vice President Mike Pence to a “dog.” Liberals then praised her for it.
May 21, 2019
Sen. Bernie Sanders is laughable. On the one hand, this multi-millionaire socialist is claiming millionaires are bad and terrible, even […]