New ‘Satan Club’ for Kids Set to Meet at Connecticut Elementary School

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Get the kids ready for ‘Satan Club.’

This might sound somewhere between ridiculous and evil, but it’s now a reality for at least one school district in the small town of Lebanon, Connecticut, famous as an important location before and during the American Revolution.

Obviously, some parents aren’t happy about the new club.

Fox 61 in Connecticut reports:

Lebanon Elementary School is where on Dec. 1, about 9 kids got permission slips from their parents to join the after-school Satan Club. The district said it has no choice but to allow it.

“I don’t agree with it at all and I couldn’t imagine my kids coming home and telling me this is going on at the school. I would probably take them out,” said Nicole Starr of Lebanon.

“We are Satanists. We’re proud to be Satanists and our goal is to not make our name more palatable to the masses,” said June Everett, the national director of the after-school Satan Club.

‘Satan Club’ organizers were apparently upset a Christian group was allowed by the school district and created their club, accordingly.

For their part, the Satan Club isn’t doing anything to hide or conceal what they’re doing. Much the opposite, as a flyer for the new club announces boldly, “Hey kids! Let’s have fun at After School Satan Club.”

The flyer also confusingly states that the club does not promote children, right before describing the basic tenets of the “non-theistic religion.”

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First Amendment Protection

School officials claimed they were powerless to stop it.

Lebanon Superintendent Andy Gonzalez gave Fox61 a statement that reads in part, “Prohibiting particular organizations from accessing our school buildings based on the perspectives they offer or express could violate our obligations under the First Amendment…and would not align with our commitment to non-discrimination, equal protection, and respect for diverse viewpoints.”

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‘We are simply having equal access to the space that we have a right to’

Satan Club director June Everett said, “We do not worship the devil. We’re not sacrificing goats or babies. We are simply having equal access to the space that we have a right to.”

“We do not believe any religious organization should be operating out of our public schools but if they have the right to be there, then we would like to be there as well for our members and our families,” Everett added.

The concept isn’t new. The Hill reports that Satan clubs have become increasingly popular since their start in 2020, and that the real expansion of the program came after federal court victories ruled that a school district in Pennsylvania could not prevent the club from using school property for their meetings.

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