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Ricky Schroder
February 23, 2024
Ricky Schroder of “NYPD Blue” fame is slamming society for telling “people they are gods,” admitting “I pray a lot.”
Candace Cameron Bure Danica McKellar
February 21, 2024
Candace Cameron Bure is opening up about helping her fellow actress Danica McKellar find God later in life.
Granger Smith
February 15, 2024
Granger Smith is admitting that he took a “massive ego hit” when he left country music to pursue a career in ministry.
Mark Wahlberg
February 14, 2024
The Hallow prayer app has seen a massive spike in downloads after Mark Wahlberg starred in a Super Bowl ad for it.
Mark Wahlberg
February 12, 2024
The Christian star Mark Wahlberg appeared in a Super Bowl ad last night in which he encouraged people to pray.
Hulk Hogan
January 23, 2024
Hulk Hogan saved a teenager from an overturned car last week and he took to social media to say “thank you God” afterwards.
Demi Lovato
January 22, 2024
The Christian rocker John Cooper is speaking out to slam the singer Demi Lovato for her pro-abortion song “Swine.”
Chris Pratt Mark Wahlberg
January 16, 2024
Chris Pratt celebrated making it to day 221 of the “Bible In A Year” podcast, saying “great job Mark Wahlberg!”
Lil Nas X
January 12, 2024
The rapper Lil Has claimed to have been accepted to the Christian college Liberty University, which has since denied this.
Dean Cain
December 22, 2023
After fleeing California earlier this year, the former “Superman” star is opening up about the “debauchery” he witnessed in Hollywood.
Kat Von D
December 21, 2023
Kat Von D of “L.A. Ink” fame is speaking out to reveal that she is often called “demonic” despite being a devout Christian.
Candace Cameron Bure
December 21, 2023
Candace Cameron Bure is speaking out against cancel culture, saying that she has “taken punches before” from it.