‘NYPD Blue’ Star Ricky Schroder Slams Society For Telling ‘People They Are Gods’ – ‘I Pray A Lot’

Ricky Schroder
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The former “NYPD Blue” star Ricky Schroder has long been one of the only openly conservative Christians in Hollywood. In a new interview, he’s slamming society for telling “people they are Gods.”

‘I Pray A Lot’

“I pray a lot,” Schroder, 53, told Fox News. “I haven’t always prayed a lot, but I do now. And so I pray multiple times a day just to stay connected, to my creator, to my God.”

“We live in a society that wants to teach people they are gods or that they’re in charge,” he continued. “But when you submit yourself to the true power of God, and keep submitting yourself, it gets easier.”

Schroder went on to talk about the power of prayer while revealing the three simple ways that that people can fight for their daily freedoms.

“Think for yourself,” Schroder said. “Don’t let other people think for you. You know, do your own research. Do your own critical analysis. Don’t trust what people just say.”

“Pray. If you believe in the Lord, pray because he gives you clarity,” he added. “And, I guess just take care of yourself. Put yourself at the top of the list so your physical, emotional, and spiritual kind of — you’re prepared to face the world. The world can be a challenging, tough place.”

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Schroder’s Advice To His Younger Self

Schroder, who got his start as a child star in the 1979 movie The Champ, also opened up about the advice that he would give his younger self.

“Don’t lose sight of the Lord,” he advised. “Because in Hollywood, it’s easy to lose sight of the Lord there. You get tempted by so many things, and temptation can just kind of get you off track. And so, I would say if I could speak to my younger self, it’d be, ‘Read your Bible more.’”

“But I never fit in Hollywood,” he admitted. “It was never sort of a desire of mine, let’s say. I was put into ‘The Champ’ when I was 7 years old and turned 8, making ‘The Champ.’ And so it’s been an interesting path to go down – when you didn’t make those choices originally.”

“Other people made choices for you and put you on a track,” Schroder explained. “But today I make my own choices. And so, that’s why I sort of decided to leave Hollywood, moved back to Colorado, and I still want to tell stories. But a different forum, a different platform.”

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Schroder As A Parent

Schroder is father to sons Holden, 32, and Luke, 30, and daughters Cambrie, 27, and Faith, 22, who he shares with his ex-wife Andrea Bernard. The former couple was married from 1992 until they divorced in 2016. In this new interview, Schroder talked about the professional and personal advice that he would give his daughters.

“Neither of them are actresses or wannabe actresses fortunately,” he said. “I can’t really give them much advice on modeling except keep your clothes on. But it’s a tough time out there for our children”

“There are a lot of influences on them. And so my advice to them is — as a father — to find a good man that’s honest and won’t lie to you and only has eyes for you, and you only have eyes for him and build a life together and have common goals,” he concluded. “Too much today you see couples with separate goals. He has his. She has hers, but they don’t have common goals. And so I tell my daughters things like that.”

It’s rare to find a conservative Christian star in Hollywood these days, so we applaud Schroder for continuing to use his platform to promote traditional values.

What do you think about Schroder’s latest comments? Let us know in the comments section.

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