Report: Trump Winning In Seven Swing States As Voters Spurn ‘Bidenomics’

A new poll covering the top seven swing states heading into 2024 indicates Donald Trump is surging ahead of Joe Biden as the president's economic policies are being soundly rejected by voters.
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A new poll covering the top seven swing states heading into 2024 indicates that Donald Trump is surging ahead of Joe Biden as the current president’s economic policies are being soundly rejected by voters.

It’s further evidence that while the Democrats have embraced the phrase “Bidenomics,” it is Republicans who should be talking about the president’s economic policies non-stop up until election day.

A Bloomberg News and Morning Consult poll released last week shows Trump topping Biden 47-43% in a poll covering swing states exclusively – including Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Digging deeper, the survey of over 5,000 registered voters in these swing states shows that those most concerned about the economy rejected President Biden’s related policies by a staggering margin of 65-14%.

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Trump Surging In Swing States As Voters Reject ‘Bidenomics’

The latest poll paints more grim news for President Biden, as voters overall strongly reject his economic policies and push Trump to the front of the line in swing states.

A mere 26% of voters in the poll overall said Bidenomics has been good for the economy, while 49% disapprove of the policies.

The Titanic is less underwater than the President right now when it comes to the economy.

A majority of swing state voters think the economy was better under former President Trump, according to the latest poll.

Who are the 49% who don’t agree with that statement, and why have they not been committed to a white-padded cell? Do they not buy their own groceries? Fill up their own gas tanks?

Swing state voters trust Trump significantly more than Biden on the economy in this survey, 49-35%. Independents hold even less trust in Biden on this key issue, siding with Trump 47-25%.

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Bidenomics = Failure

It really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody that Trump is leading in swing states on the matter of the economy. Independent and Republican voters alike can agree – Bidenomics has made life unaffordable in America.

Here is Bidenomics in action with some numbers since the President was installed in January of 2021:

But aside from food, shelter, and the necessities of life being completely unaffordable, Bidenomics is working just great. Just ask the administration …

“On specific pocketbook issues, including the stock market, housing, the cost of everyday goods, interest rates, and taxes, more respondents trusted Trump,” Bloomberg writes.

Bidenomics equates to misery for your paycheck, for your budget, and for your families. Swing state voters have to hope that Trump can save the economy before it’s too late. Will they help carry the Republican leader to victory?

The Bloomberg News and Morning Consult poll also shows Trump leading in other areas of concern for voters, including immigration, infrastructure, and foreign affairs.

If you think the Biden campaign is worried about the economy dragging down the President’s re-election odds, think again.

“We’ll win in 2024 by putting our heads down and doing the work, not by fretting about a poll,” campaign spokesperson Kevin Munoz told Axios.

Maybe you should be fretting about the fact that Americans are suffering under infantile economic policies based more on “justice” than on positive results for all people.

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