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Bernie Sanders: Schoolyard BULLY Trump Is Threatening WAR with IRAN!

Sen. Bernie Sanders is laughable.

On the one hand, this multi-millionaire socialist is claiming millionaires are bad and terrible, even though he is one. He talks about bringing the country together while disparaging President Trump and his supporters with name-calling and offensive language. He claims he was at the front of civil rights activism, yet nobody seems to remember seeing him there. Now he’s calling President Trump a “schoolyard bully,” when everyone can see that he’s projecting.

I guess Sanders wants another appeaser like Barack Obama. Remember how Obama’s administration thought if Iran was raised on a higher respectable level, the region could be a lot more stable. But the boy king didn’t realize that placing them on the mountain and giving them credibility they didn’t earn would only give them a bigger megaphone to continue recruiting terrorists to act out against Israel and Christians.

Trump withdrew from a horrid deal with Iran because it wasn’t in the best interest of the U.S. You can’t threaten American allies and then hold the drink from our water wells. Trump imposes stricter sanctions, and you don’t have any dissenters on our side except for Democrat apologists who have no power.

Since 1979, Iran calls the US names, curses the US, threatens the US and has annual events where the American flag is stomped on.

Never mind all that, but they have also murdered US Marines in Beirut, US service personnel in the Khobar Towers bombing, they have killed and maimed thousands of US soldiers in Iraq, humiliated the US Navy, and they have attempted an assassination on American soil.

But Trump is the bully?

Sanders, the pathetic old communist, is insane, as is anyone who agrees with him. Another take on Bernie is that he is a schoolyard socialist, standing over in the corner ranting about giving away other people’s money.

I remember as a child a gang (4 or 5) of bullies that would position themselves in a particular way that only a few of the kids would have to pass by. But they placed a tax for you to pass by and would beat you up if you didn’t. Socialism, to me, is like those bullies: they will take your money by force.

I don’t know why Bernie calls Trump a bully. It seems to me like socialism fits that criteria better.

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