Confirmed: Abby Huntsman Leaving Fox News for ‘The View’

It’s now official. Mediaite confirms that Fox News host Abby Huntsman is leaving the conservative network to join the bubbly, empty-headed ladies of “The View.” This move comes as Fox is beginning to slowly make a few quiet moves to separate itself from the President of the United States.

Here’s the story via Mediaite:

Fox News host Abby Huntsman is officially leaving the network to join The View, sources tell Mediaite.

Huntsman, who currently co-hosts Fox & Friends Weekend, is set to replace Sara Haines, who announced her departure from the long-running ABC show last week to join the third hour of Good Morning America.

When reached for comment, Fox News confirmed this will be Huntsman’s last weekend hosting the Saturday and Sunday editions of the network’s flagship morning program.

We reported weeks ago that this move was likely, as Huntsman, who is nobody’s idea of an ardent conservative, was likely to jump ship. (RELATED: Abby Huntsman Considering Leaving Fox News to Join ‘The View’.) Huntsman, whose father actually serves as our current ambassador to Russia, has never been fond of President Trump. She once referred to Trump as a ‘dictator’ on air, but later apologized for the slip-up. (RELATED: Fox News Host Abby Huntsman Apologizes for Calling Trump a ‘Dictator”.)

By leaving Fox and joining “The View,” Huntsman will be reunited with her gal pal Meghan McCain who, although a Never-Trump conservative, has taken to defending President Trump on occasion.

This move is yet another sign that Fox stars are increasingly uncomfortable with the closeness of the network to the President. Earlier today we reported that Sebastian Gorka, a former Trump White House official, has been banned from certain programs on Fox. (RELATED: Sebastian Gorka Receives ‘Soft Ban’ from Fox News.) Huntsman was a host of the weekend edition of “Fox & Friends,” which is a well-known favorite of the President. Did she leave to get away from the Trump-heavy atmosphere?

I think we’ll find out when Huntsman gets on “The View” and lets her true feelings be known. She’ll definitely be encouraged to speak her mind on Trump, and we’ll maybe get more insight on why Huntsman decided to leave.

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  • Has anyone considered the move may have something to do with Disney's takeover of Fox and subsequent controlling shareholder of WB? Fox Network is shrinking and may be forced into obscurity.
    (Why hasn't the Trump family offered to buy what's left to protect its existence?)

  • This move just goes to show you that Soros has control over almost all news media outlets and is pulling the strings.

  • Hope she replaces the racist Whoopie or the idiot Baher....but she will either move to the "dark side" or become the View's whipping girl.

  • Has she scheduled her LOBOTOMY yet?? No? There is still time, DON'T DO IT!!! Don't move to the DARK SIDE!!

  • No surprise, here. Fox has been digressing into, "the dark place," of liberalism, for a couple of years.

  • Well, this is surely disappointing news! I'll be curious how she will interact around Whoopi and gets a taste of the very un-classy tongue lashing Whoopi will eventually give her. And, oh, wait, lest we forget that hateful, vile, unintelligent Joy Behar....you can bet your last dollar that Joy will be condescending as she always is. Rotten show and a death sentence for Abby's career.

  • Abby leaving? YES!!! Oh, YES!! Go. Hurry. YES!! She never met a conversation she didn't want to dominate. YES!

  • WHO????....... Good place for her along with the rest of the scum...Can't imagine why anyone would want to sit at a table to discuss anything with the dumpster living alley whore whoopee.... Matter of fact they should have the show in an alley on the south side of chigago with dumpsters full of bodies as the backdrop....

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