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Man Has Crazy Proposition To Prove If 9/11 Was A Hoax Or Not


9/11 has been back in the news recently. Mostly due to debate over the top secret “28 pages” from the 9/11 Report.  The pages, many claim, offer proof that the Saudi Arabian government may have assisted the terrorists responsible for the deadliest attack in American history.

And while most people think what happened that day is beyond dispute, one businessman wants to test and answer the “question” once and for all; did two planes really knock down the Twin Towers?

Via The Mirror:

An American-born businessman wants to raise £1m to stage a bizarre recreation of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York.

Paul Salo, who now lives in Thailand, has said he wants to purchase a ‘Boeing 747’ and smash it into the side of an empty building in the countryside at 500mph.

He describes it as an ‘important project’ to prove conspiracy theories about the terror atrocities ‘once and for all’.

Mr Salo is hoping to crowdfund the event and is selling ‘front-row seats’ to the outlandish spectacle in Thailand for $5000 each (£3,500).

Now of course this man is nuts. Thousands of engineers and eyewitnesses have confirmed the events that happened that day. It is beyond dispute. This is just a sad ploy for money. I hope no one is stupid enough to pay this man.

Is this man crazy or does he have a point?