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Priest Compares Dragged United Passenger To Christ Being Crucified

The Internet was set on fire this week over the viral video of a passenger being forcibly removed and “re-accommodated” off a United Airlines flight.

The incident caused an enormous backlash, cost United millions of dollars and forced the airline to completely overhaul their policy for bumping people from flights. There have been a lot of bad comments made about the entire incident, but I think it wasn’t until now that we heard the very worst one.

A Jesuit priest has compared the United passenger – a doctor – dragged from the plane to the Lord and Savior of the entire human race:

“Interestingly, as I was looking at that poor man being dragged through the aisles, I thought, you know, Jesus is beaten and bloodied and dragged through the streets of Jerusalem; and that poor man is beaten and bloodied and dragged through the floor of a plane,” said Martin, who serves as editor at large at the Jesuit magazine America and is author of “Jesus: A Pilgrimage.”

Watch the video below:

Shocking that an envoy of the Catholic Church would make such a comparison on Easter weekend. This is part of the liberal media’s continued War on Easter and Christians in general.

There is nothing that compares to the what Christ did for us when he was upon the cross. He took the entire world’s sins upon himself and was killed for it. But what the liberals don’t know is that Christians will have the ultimate victory. Christ triumphed over sin. He forgave us and told us to forgive others. So I won’t stay too mad at MSNBC and this poor misguided priest. Hopefully, this is what puts an end to the hysterics over this incident.

Christ died for his sins. This doctor was dragged for social media outrage.

H/T The Hill.

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