Why The Democrat Machine Is Terrified Of Tulsi Gabbard

Contrary to the major press there are three, not two, candidates left vying for the Democratic nomination. One is an Obama retread, the other a communist-sympathizing socialist, the last a young combat vet who is no fan of Hillary Clinton and who other Democrats have called, like the president, a Russian asset.

By now you know we’re speaking of Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii.

Gabbard is no conservative and mostly not a moderate. But in today’s environment she is on the right of the Democratic Party. She is a telegenic woman and she would present a stark and favorable contrast to the two septuagenarian men also left in the race.

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However, the Democrat machine knows she can’t get any traction without the public exposure of a debate. So they are freezing her out.

She isn’t taking it lying down. She tweeted this Friday night.

“@JoeBiden @Bernie Sanders I’m sure you would agree that our Democratic nominee should be a person who will stand up for what is right. So I ask that you have the courage to do that now in the face of the DNC’s effort to keep me from participating in the debates…To keep me off the stage, the DNC again arbitrarily changed the debate qualifications. Previously they changed the qualifications in the OPPOSITE direction so Bloomberg could debate. I ask that you stand w/ me against the DNC’s transparent effort to exclude me from the debates. #LetTulsiDebate.”

The Democrat establishment is terrified of her for several reasons.

She’d remind them that their own voters, so devoted to feminism, have voted down every woman in the race save her, and they’re trying to shut her out.

As a combat vet she would have credibility in talking about national security issues, a positive factor the two men lack.

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As a relatively young person who represents an Asian constituency, she would give lie to the pretense that the Democrats prize youth participation and minority influence, as they are doing all they can to squelch her campaign. She would no doubt bring these subjects up at a debate, angering and embarrassing the Democrat machine.

The Democrat establishment is scared to death of confronting those issues. That’s why they will continue to lend a deaf ear to her pleas unless other Democrats make them listen.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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