Why Haven’t We Had A Woman President Yet? The Answer Is Actually Simple

We haven’t had a woman president yet because the women candidates have all been incredibly lacking, just like the majority of the men who have run. But I’m sure that those who swing left will simply say that it is misogyny or bias. It isn’t.

Many nations around the world have female leaders, and many of them are VERY good leaders. Still, on the other hand, I believe if Nancy Pelosi were to become President of the United States, it would be the end of the U.S. and all it has stood for since its inception.


Democrats shriek ‘sexism’ but won’t vote for their female candidates. The left has also declared gender to be a social construct, so sexism no longer exists according to their, eh, logic. You’re welcome.

Let’s dig deeper into why it hasn’t happened yet. Lack of workable ideas, previous history, not being interested in compromise, out of touch with the average wage earner, just for starters. This what keeps a man or woman from becoming President.

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The Dems super delegates and backroom deals also block the way of women.

As Elizabeth Warren tried to become chief of the Democrat tribe, she promised many moons of the corn growing as tall as the moose and the elk and bison filled our valleys. My great-grandfather said they could walk across the mighty rivers on the backs of trout that were waiting to be caught and eaten. Now, with Donald Trump as the chief, my tribe has not only jobs, tax cuts, and appreciating home values but also low unemployment, record stock market and protection from Coronavirus.

When a woman with substantial leadership experience and without a controversial past (or agenda) steps up, I think the odds of her winning would be very good.


I think another reason why we haven’t seen a viable woman that could ascend to the Oval Office and lead this nation is because of the DNC and media. They don’t cover female politicians; they only include female politicians, “they” think to have a shot at winning. The public knows/feels that many of the female politicians are only being talked about “because they are women” not because of their ideas.

I truly believe America can handle a woman president; we just haven’t had a candidate who is worthy yet. When America finally gets a woman president, she will be a Republican. Then the country is going to see that Democrats aren’t really about women’s equality; they are about Democrat women’s equality.

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A persons’ gender or race (ethnicity) should NOT be a determining factor whether they’re suited to serve as our President. Their leadership abilities are what matters. A woman who has the strength to lead this country and not turns us into a ‘nanny-state’ or bastion of Socialism would be the obvious choice.

If you believe the Democrat reasons for no women candidates such as “barriers,” what “barriers?” Considering the “mix” of our population, percent that are male and female numerically females AREN’T turning out to vote for women. But hey in today’s world, everything has to come down to being a “victim” or “discriminated” against. The American form of feminism doesn’t help.

They’ve overwhelmed our educational system, but when American voters get told they should vote for an individual because she’s a woman, a bunch are going to question why else should they vote for that person. It’s funny how the presidency is viewed as nothing more than a popularity contest in which we should be ashamed for not having picked a female as the most popular. It’s the most critical job in the country, and people shouldn’t be selected based on gender or race but their policies and track record.


Those of you that engage ‘identity politics’ can’t have it both ways. You can’t demand equality and then demand preferential treatment. Female candidates were judged by competence and other attributes shared by their male counterparts, and they were rejected.

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This lunacy whereby the left wants a “designer” version of a candidate that has a whole bunch of superficial attributes, ‘nice ABS,’ ‘gives a nice speech,’ ‘anything but Caucasian is preferential’ (racist), and so on guarantees, this party and its candidates will be profoundly rejected by the electorate this time around.

The easy answer? We haven’t had a female President because the previous candidates didn’t have what the public wants. Simple as that. If they run a very strong candidate, Americans will vote for them.

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