Watch What Happens When Councilman Leaves Hearing to Use the Restroom


A recent city council meeting in Georgetown, Texas was far more interesting than most, as a councilman forgot to turn his mic off before heading to the men’s room.

The mayor was speaking to other council members when audio of the man – ahem – ‘making use of the facilities,’ could be clearly heard throughout the room.

That’s when Mayor Pro Tem Rachael Jonrowe lost it.

Being the professional that she is, Ms. Jonrowe gathered her wits and continued her statement.

Until the councilman flushed the toilet, and she lost it again.

Watch, we dare you not to laugh along with her…


The best part? The councilman was heard Рor rather, not heard Рwashing his hands, and he walked back into the meeting where the mayor was speaking about antibiotic-resistant diseases and their effects on people.

Via WGY:

A city council member in Georgetown, Texas left to use the bathroom during a recent meeting, and forgot to turn his MICROPHONE off . . . so you could hear him peeing. And the mayor couldn’t stop laughing about it.

She was in the middle of talking about how deadly antibiotic-resistant diseases are, and how people she knows have been affected by them. So she tried to keep it together . . . and almost did.

But then she heard him flush, and lost it again. The video also shows him walk back in at the end . . . and you never hear him wash his hands.

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