Bill Clinton Plans to Do This After Hillary Is Elected and It Has Many Americans Angry


Former President Bill Clinton says his charity has never done anything “knowingly inappropriate” and that he won’t stop giving high-priced speeches because “I gotta pay our bills.”

What a reason — to pay the bills — for goodness sake. NO, the honorable reason for a former president to give speeches should be for the good of humanity. That would have been a good answer. He has plenty of money to pay his bills. He donates only 10%? He could be out investing it – in real estate or whatever – to earn more. The ONLY reason he will keep giving speeches is for INFLUENCE and personal gain.

As an unwritten rule, former presidents get the green light to do “paid speeches” and most Americans know that comes with the territory. However, the powerful optics on the Clintons in and around Washington are enormous. Their towering influence with many top congressional leaders and corporate businesses CEOs are unmatched. These events that pay $500K are not just to hear Bill Clinton give hour long monologues, these organizers want to reach into his bag of who’s who and make things happen on their behalf.

There was a time when the driving force behind running for office was to make your local, or state district better, and serve the people. I know this will never happen but if you are going to have campaign finance then concrete laws with teeth need to be enacted or at the very least strengthen the current laws on the books. Then and only then will people have some confidence in the political process.

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Nobody pays someone $500,000 to speak unless they get something more for a return of investment. Rich people who can afford such things didn’t get rich by giving their money away. Bill maybe a good speaker but what could he possibly say that could enrich peoples lives by $500,000.

Government bureaucrats, decision makers, and elected officials should be prohibited for the period of at least 10 years from conducting business with government vendors, K Street brokers, or domestic or international affiliates. From top to bottom, Presidents to Peons are engaged in exploiting their experience and insight from working in U.S. government for personal gain.

Sadly, I strongly feel Bill and Hillary Clinton have been selling out the best interest of America and weaving a poor moral fabric.

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