Trump Destroyed The Liberal Media Lies About His Rallies In Just FIVE Words!


GOP frontrunner Donald Trump may be loud and boisterous and yes, a little “bully-ish,” but one thing you can not deny is that he’s a true American and wants this country to be great again. He wants this country to get the best deals and he wants to protect our borders from illegal immigrants.

Most people see what’s going on with the media narrative about “Trump inciting violence” at his rallies, no matter how hard the media and other candidates try to discredit Trump¬†and his supporters.

Here’s how Trump responded to the liberal media calling him violent:

“The people that are supporters of Donald Trump, they want to see America be great again, that’s what it is, it is simple. So rather than fighting in Chicago, I did something that was a good move, a good thing to do, because I don’t want to see anybody get hurt.

We’ve been given so much credit for that decision, nobody hurt, no problem, went away, but because of that, people ask was there violence.

There’s no violence, this is a love fest. Every once in a while, sometimes like you just had, somebody will stand up and say something, and the police –who are great in all cases– But somebody will stand up and say something, a lot of times they are kids and they don’t know what they’re talking about.”

“They have the Bernie signs,” he said, “made by a machine. They make the same signs you see, possibly or probably given to them by Bernie’s people. But there’s no violence.”

Check out Trump speaking about the “love fest:”

Trump wants us protected from radical Muslims entering this country who have not been vetted, and if you are FOR all those things and against Trump, then you might wish to find another country to call home.

The mainstream media, the RNC, the DNC and the other candidates will stop at nothing to take him down. It’s pathetic. I, along with millions of Americans, have lost all respect for them. Trump is in a battle against all of them and I pray he wins big on Super Tuesday.

H/T: Youtube/FOX 10 Phoenix

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