Donald Trump Jr. called out CNN reporter Jim Acosta for the media’s dismissal of nasty and violent rhetoric toward the President and his family. Acosta and nearly every other left-wing media personality has been hand-wringing over Trump’s “rhetoric” causing the recent bomb scares.

Acosta also voiced his displeasure with the President for mentioning yesterday’s bomb scares against prominent Democrat politicians, but failing to note the one sent to CNN headquarters in New York.

CNN’s resident drama queen took this as some sort of a wink and a nod to Trump’s base that while bombs being sent to the Obamas or the Clintons were terrible, the President’s willing to let the bomb sent to CNN slide.

Trump Jr. slams media hypocrisy over threats to the Trump family

Donald Trump Jr. fired back at Acosta, calling out the media’s long sordid history of portraying his father and his own family as racists, bigots, Nazis, xenophobes, Islamaphobes, and everything in between, while ignoring the violent rhetoric, followed by violent actions, directed at the Trump family.

The media ignores or soon forgets incidents like the Bernie supporter who attempted to assassinate dozens of Republican Congressmen,  while Democrats actually ramped up the rhetoric since then, calling for their followers to accost, harass, kick, and ‘get up in the face‘ of anyone associated with the White House.

They even attacked the Trump family.

When the Trumps were victims of terrorism, nobody cared

Since President Trump took office, he’s been a constant target of liberal threats violence. Not simply words. Not simply Madonna wanting to blow up the White House, or Kathy Griffin staging a beheading, or Johnny Depp saying he should assassinate the President.

The Democrat party has a monopoly on violent and extreme rhetoric.

Sometimes, those violent sentiments were followed by actions specifically targeting the Trump family.

Does anyone even remember the white powder sent to then-candidate Donald Trump’s campaign office in April of 2016? Or the assassination attempt that was stopped by the Secret Service?

Trump Jr. and his family have fallen victim to similar scares, like when a letter also containing a white powder was sent to his apartment, resulting in his wife and three others being hospitalized as a precaution.

Eric Trump claimed the entire family received letters of that nature. In March of 2016, his wife Lara was the target of an anthrax scare.

Other incidents of threats against the Trump family

While those threats are practically mirror images of this week’s bomb attempts, there have been others that the media turned a blind eye toward.

Recall, if you will, actor Peter Fonda threatening to kidnap Barron Trump and “put him in a cage with pedophiles.” Did the media denounce him? Were his movies canceled? Of course not.

Then there was a lunatic who shot up Trump National Doral Hotel in Miami. Did the media sympathize with the President and his family and friends? Blame violent Democrat rhetoric?

President Trump and those associated with him have been the victim of far more terrorist attacks than the media, CNN, and Jim Acosta. But that won’t stop them from portraying him as responsible for the violent behavior, while they continually dramatize their own perceived peril.

In reality, it’s the media that has stoked these fires by ignoring the violence on one side of the aisle.