Mainstream media pundits have placed the blame for several bomb attempts against prominent Democrat politicians squarely on the shoulders of President Trump.

Explosive devices have been found at the home of Bill and Hillary Clinton, former President Barack Obama, Democrat Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and George Soros, as well as CNN headquarters in New York City.

The packages reportedly contained a return address for Schultz, though it’s unclear if that was simply a means to chase investigators off the trail or a way to have the packages accepted based on the friendly source.

The media, however, knows the true source of these bombings. At least they think they do. And the culprit of course is… President Trump, of course.

The fake news media have decided it is Trump’s fiery rhetoric that motivated somebody to build multiple IEDs and mail them to big-name Democrats, despite having zero evidence about the perpetrator or their motive. And to time it at the exact moment when momentum is building for Republicans leading into the Election Day.

Commence eye-rolling.

Any and all political violence is Trump’s fault

Completely ignoring the fact that the left has a major track record in politically motivated violence dating back quite some time, the liberal media was quick to pounce on President Trump.

He is guilty in their view, without a shred of evidence.

MSNBC’s Philippe Reines, a former adviser to Hillary Clinton, was quick to blame the President.

“All of these people seem to have something in common,” MSNBC’s Craig Melvin reported discussing the intended recipient of the CNN package. “We know that CIA Director Brennan has also been a critic here, a vocal critic of the Trump Administration.”

Another MSNBC reporter, Chris Watts, said the targets all have something in common – they’ve “all been either brought up by the president or were opponents of him in different contexts.”

“This is what happens when the president calls you the enemy of the people,” said Sonny Hostin, one of the View’s least intellectual panelists, which is an astounding accomplishment.

Joe Scarborough joins the chorus against Trump

Then there is MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, a man who has long been feuding with the President, who took aim at Ivanka Trump for condemning the attempted bombings.

Scarborough has compared Trump to Pontius Pilot and more recently, Hitler.

Trump has fired back often, including a comment about an intern who wound up dead in 2001 while Scarborough was serving in Congress.

It is not surprising that Scarborough would go after the President based on two major factors – one, he is a far-left zealot on a far-left network, and two, he barely has the intellectual capacity to tie his own shoes.

The media has largely ignored rampant left-wing violence

It’s great to see the leftist media rediscover the fact that political domestic terrorism is indeed a horrible thing. But it’s disgraceful to watch them point fingers as if it’s a new thing.

They didn’t seem to care when Republican congressmen were being shot at on a baseball field, nearly ending the life of Rep. Steve Scalise. They didn’t care when white powder was mailed to the family of the President’s sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump. They didn’t care when suspicious letters were sent to Senator Ted Cruz, and ricin was mailed to the Pentagon.

None of those incidents, along with a host of other left-wing violent acts, were inspired by President Trump. Where was the media then? Did they blame rhetoric from Democrats for those attacks on Republicans and the Trump family? Did they blame Maxine Waters or Cory Booker?

The left doesn’t mind pointing out violence against their own, but they barely register a report on violence against the right. Violence which far surpasses one lunatic and their actions today.

And they would certainly never blame their cohorts on the left in the wake of such heinous acts.