Multiple mainstream media outlets report that federal sources and bomb technicians are exploring the possibility that explosive devices sent to prominent Democrats were fakes.

While various media entities scoffed at the notion that such an elaborate mail bombing campaign could have been a hoax, other experts are indeed exploring the possibility.

New York Magazine called the skepticism “counter-intuitive” conspiracies and “mad ravings.”

If so, those ‘mad ravings’ have since extended to an Emmy-winning news correspondent and such revered mainstream outlets as the New York Times.

CNN reveals photo of their bomb package

Somehow, some way, CNN was able to, in the midst of a massive federal investigation, tweet out a picture of the bomb they received in their New York headquarters.

The image raised a ton of questions – why were they able to share this when the incident was still being investigated? Why were there no USPS markings on the envelope if it had been delivered? Were the return addresses and faux ISIS sticker a means to throw law enforcement off the trail or were they clues?

More importantly, it raised questions for bomb experts.

Fed Source Say Bombs Looked Fake

Adam Housley, a senior news correspondent with Fox News and Emmy award-winning regional reporter, cites a federal source who saw the device or devices and labeled them “complete hoaxes.”

Housley’s source said the devices exhibited an unnecessary number of wires and no connected trigger device such as a cell phone. There was “no intention of harm,” he reported.

Leftists will immediately dismiss Housley’s report simply because he’s a reporter for Fox News. With that we offer …

Enter the New York Times

The New York Times reported that bomb technicians who studied photos of the bomb sent out by CNN had “hallmarks of fake explosives.”

The device looked like something more “typically depicted on television and in movies,” they said, “rather than devices capable of detonating.”

The technicians made note of the clock added to the device, something they say is unnecessary in a real bomb scenario and more typical of inducing drama in a movie scene.

“Bombmakers generally avoid attaching visible clocks to their devices to keep from tipping off their targets about when the bombs are set to explode,” the Times reported.

In short, the device was designed more like ‘clock boy’s’ briefcase hoax, than an actual bomb.

Questions Abound

If experts are wondering about the legitimacy of the devices, then it raises even more questions.

Who stands to benefit from sending prominent Democrat names and entities mentioned in the news frequently such devices that actual technicians believe were a hoax?

With the left’s propensity to stage hate crimes evident in circumstance after circumstance over the years, it is necessary to approach this case with healthy skepticism.