College Kids Shown Image of Ahmed’s Clock, Most Say it Looks Like THIS


The Media Research Center (MRC) recently conducted a test, showing numerous college students a picture of Ahmed “Clock Boy” Mohamed’s homemade science project and gauging their reaction. The results were just as you and I, the teachers, and law enforcement would expect, because it was the same conclusion everybody is coming to.

It looks like a bomb.

Mohamed, as you know, brought a science project into school – a homemade clock which was actually just a vintage clock with the case removed, the inner workings placed inside a brief/pencil case. Teachers and authorities thought the device looked like a bomb, and Mohamed became uncooperative when asked about it and was subsequently detained.

Naturally, the family immediately went to CAIR and the media with their story, shouting ‘Islamophobia!’ to anybody who would listen.

Was it really because of Mohamed’s religion though, or was it because as Bill Maher said, the clock “looks exactly like a f***ing bomb?”

MRC’s research is pretty eye-opening. Watch …

via The Blaze:

Students at George Mason University overwhelmingly thought Ahmed Mohamed’s homemade clock looked like a bomb, according to a new video published online.

Dan Joseph, with the conservative Media Research Center, visited the campus just outside D.C. and showed students a photo of the controversial clock. He then asked them what they thought it looked like.

“I’m going to show you this and you tell me what you think it is — the first thing that pops in your head,” Joseph told the students.

The results were overwhelming.

“It looks like a bomb,” one replied, with his friend agreeing.

“It looks like a bomb,” echoed another student.

“Yeah, it could be like a bomb or something,” another said.

“A bomb?” one questioned.

It has to be disheartening for all of those students to learn that they too are racist Islamophobes.

Meanwhile, Mohamed’s story about the clock has taken numerous turns and appears to be more of a setup than anything else.  Perhaps the teachers should be hailed as heroes, knowing they would be accused of such terrible things and reporting the suspicious device regardless.

Does Ahmed’s ‘clock’ look like a bomb or not?

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