Trump Iowa Rally Proves Media Is Lying About The Polls!


GOP Presidential candidate and frontrunner Donald Trump took his campaign to Sioux City, Iowa on Tuesday night. He spoke to a packed house on policy issues and tried to rally the state to his side amid media reports that his numbers have faltered behind Ben Carson in the polls.

The polls may show support in Iowa slipping for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, but Tuesday night in Sioux City Trump set the “gold standard” for presidential campaign rally attendance, according to a local reporter, with an enthusiastic crowd of 2,200.

After he had spoken to the audience, Trump ran an unscripted question-and-answer session. The second question came from a Wounded Warrior named Todd, who explained his frustration with the Veteran’s Administration. Trump saw Todd with his little child and wife and was so happy seeing them, he stepped down from the podium and took his question. This resulted in Trump getting Todd’s information and offering to personally put pressure on the VA.

When Trump walked right up to that veteran and his family, it just choked me up being a veteran myself. There is no excuse for what our veterans and their families to suffer under a broken system.

Check out this great moment:

Thank you, Donald, for doing this. You’re a great human being!

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