Trump Claims Biden Has Been ‘Brainwashed’ And Warns ‘He’s Been Taken Over By The Radical Left’

On Thursday, President Trump said presumptive Democratic presidential nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden has been “brainwashed” by the “radical left.”

“Joe is just, look let’s face it, he’s been taken over by the radical left,” Trump told Fox News’ Sean Hannity. “He has no clue what they’re doing.”

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Trump: ‘They brainwashed’ Biden’

“They brainwashed him, he doesn’t know where he is, he doesn’t know what he’s doing and our country will suffer. Our stock markets will crash, bad things will happen,” Trump said.

Trump also referred to a “deal” he says Biden made with self-described socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, citing the Democratic platform released Wednesday by the Biden-Sanders “Unity Task Force,” which laid out recommendations on some key progressive issues, but didn’t go all in on Sanders’s radical agenda.

Trump said Biden is “worse than Bernie Sanders at his best.”


Trump on Biden: ‘He has been completely taken over, I think it’s because he doesn’t understand what’s going on’

“He has been completely taken over, I think it’s because he doesn’t understand what’s going on,” Trump said.

The 74-year-old Trump dismissed worries that Biden, 77, isn’t fit for president due to his age. The president said he knows “other people in their late 80s, early 90s” that are “100 percent mentally sharp.”

But Trump did say Biden should take a cognitive test, which the President claims he “aced.”

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“I took one very recently when the radical left was saying, ‘Is he all there, is he all there?’ I proved it, because I aced it. He should take the very same test,” Trump said.

Team Biden campaign did not immediately respond to Trump’s attack on their candidate.

Likewise, Biden has also questioned Trump’s cognitive ability and whether or not he was fit for office.

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  • How do you brainwash a brain that is deteriorating at an ever increasing rate and will probably no longer exist by election day? It is sad but it is the truth that must be faced....

  • I wouldn't say Biden's brainwashed, but he IS having trouble mentally and doesn't fully understand the ramifications of what is going on. But I think Trump needs to be very careful, because Biden's campaign people are starting to try and draw independents to their fold by taking some of Trump's campaign points and trying to adopt them and make them theirs. Political Insider, you might want to look into this. If Biden does start stealing some of Trump's talking points, he might actually win, and we Do NOT want that to happen. There are people out there who would say "Oh, he's talking about doing the same thing as Trump, but he's way nicer than Trump". We must not ASSUME our President is impervious to that sort of skullduggery.

  • It's a travesty what is being done to Joe Biden. The Dems know Joe is in cognitive decline but are using him to push their Leftist agenda forward. It's sad to see him struggling with simple news casts and Dems just shrug and pretend Biden is fine.

  • Bernie and scores of other ultra- liberals and Democratic politicians are preaching to Joe Biden !!!

  • Biden cannot win the election but the left can steal it as they tried in 2016 with Hillary. Mail in votes will do it for them.

  • We can kiss this country goodbye if Biden wins the election. To any reasonably intelligent person Biden's cognitive state is clearly in decline. Bernie (who is really just a communist) is guiding sleepy Joe like some kind of puppet.

  • A vote for "Biden" (if that's whose left in there) is a vote for Bernie. If you want Bernie for your president, vote for what is left of "Biden", because he's just a shell of a man who has been taken over by a host, called Bernie.

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