Trump Campaign Saves America From Socialism And Senility

March 11, 2020

Ever heard of Occam’s razor? To simplify, it says that when you strip away all the excess intellectual baggage, the answer to a question is often readily apparent. In other words, getting down to brass tacks.

It is something to remember in regards to the 2020 general election, no matter which Democrat wins their party’s nomination.

If Biden wins, to reference eminent journalist Brit Hume of Fox News, we could be looking at a major nominee who is so mentally impaired it is verging on senility. That is, if he does not suffer from the malady outright.

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If Sanders wins we are stuck with a Democrat nominee who has openly supported communism all of his adult life. He has taken every opportunity to hurt this nation and enhance the power of its enemies. He would destroy the national economy, and the political trash he would bring to DC with him would change the very nature of freedom in America.

Against those options we have a president who is not perfect. Who is? But he has brought a great economy to the U.S. by getting out of the way of the free market. Trump has made America respected in the world again. Fanboy liked? Maybe not. But, who cares? International relations is not a frilly high school homecoming queen contest, but a test of steely nerves and tense commitment to mission that successfully brooks no people-pleasers.

Can you imagine how Biden or Sanders would do on such a stage as the leader of the free world? Biden would possibly lose command of his senses and the government would be run by unelected underlings. Or the 25th Amendment could be invoked and the veep could take over. God knows what Bolshie fellow traveler that will be.

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Sanders would gladly castrate the U.S. military and put the funds into direct income redistribution for the migrants at that point pouring across our open southern border. America would be crippled. Some would not take it lying down. That’s what a Sanders presidency means.

It’s the senile guy, the socialist, or the sensible and safe bet for the future of this country. The choice is clear. It’s really the only one to make.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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