Trump Blasts RNC, Won’t Participate in Debate Hosted by Washington Post CEO

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By Dr. Derek Ellerman

I didn’t think I’d be writing about presidential debates twice in one day, but there’s lots of news about debates recently – though thus far it has come from the Democrat side of the aisle.

Now, former President Trump is taking his turn, expressing his displeasure with the Republican National Committee (RNC) over upcoming Republican primary debates.

The first debate had already been scheduled for next summer in Milwaukee – scene of the Republican National Convention – hosted by Fox News and free speech streaming platform Rumble.

All well and good, right?

As Donald Trump famously told Hillary Clinton, “Wrong!”

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Trump’s Beef

Trump drops several issues about the GOP debates:

  • He claims no one got his approval
  • He’s crushing in the polls (though, they are still quite early)
  • Why put up with abuse from the fake news networks?

And lastly, Fred Ryan, the chairman of the Reagan Library (site of the second debate) is the CEO of the Washington Post.

To Trump’s mind, this all adds up to “What do I have to gain?”

Which is all fair.

The one beef I have with Trump’s reasoning is the second one. Polls can change, quickly. And I don’t necessarily think every voice needs to be heard in a presidential debate (Sorry, Nikki Haley).

However, if Florida Governor Ron DeSantis does jump in the race, a debate is necessary. There are extremely serious matters that need to be cleaned up after the Biden mess.

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Questions That Must Be Asked

If I were the debate moderator, here are a few of the questions I would ask of each candidate.

To Trump: 

  • How are you going to convince the GOP Congress to pony up the dough for the wall this time, since they rejected a mere $5 billion before helping Joe Biden send well over $100 billion to Ukraine?
  • How can you convince your supporters that you won’t almost entirely hire neocons who hate your guts and spend every waking moment sabotaging your agenda this time? (Haley, Bolton, Pompeo, Pence, Meadows, etc.)

To DeSantis:

  • Do you accept the endorsements of Paul Ryan and Jeb Bush?
  • What is your stance on foreign policy? Do you believe in America First or global crusades to “spread democracy”?
  • Who would be some of your cabinet-level hires?

To Both:

  • What will you do to end U.S. involvement in the war in Ukraine?
  • In the midst of yet another Fed-induced economic calamity, how can we most easily move back to sound money?
  • Will you send American boys 7,600 miles away to die for Taiwan?
  • Will you release the JFK assassination records in full, with no excuses?

With those answers, it should be very clear who deserves the nomination.

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