Trey Gowdy Torches The Media For Not Even Trying To Stay Neutral

The former Republican Senator Trey Gowdy spoke out this week to lash out at the media for ditching its role as a neutral referee in society.

Gowdy Sounds Off

During his Fox News show, Gowdy talked about a recent NCAA baseball game in which he got frustrated when an umpire made a call he disagreed with.

“We expect the strike zone to be the same for everyone. That’s what fairness is, the same rules apply equally to everyone,” he said. “A South Carolina batter was called out on a checked swing and it was not a good call, so I began to feel this sense of being treated unfairly, building within me.”

“Then a South Carolina pitcher has a pitch called a ball that looked like a strike to me and everyone else on the planet, and the sense of being treated unfairly began to build even more,” Gowdy added. “A grown man should not be yelling at a TV set over a college baseball game, probably, but the perception of unfairness impacts us. It changes us. It makes us do things we would not ordinarily do.”

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“Being falsely accused or convicted is terrible,” he explained. “So is believing all the calls go against you, and the deck is stacked. I’m sure the umpire was doing the best he could. I’m sure there were some close calls that went our way over the weekend, but in that moment, when I perceived unfairness, the impact was real and it was negative. That’s what the perception of unfairness can do to us.”

Gowdy went on to say that both sides of the political aisle feel the system is at times “rigged” against them.

“But what happens when the perception actually becomes reality? What if the societal referee really is biased?” he asked. “What if the national umpire really is calling it differently for this team than for the other team?”

“If you were to ask half our country what’s the biggest issue we’re facing, as a country, they might say unfairness in economic opportunity, or unfairness in our justice system, and we hear it a lot,” Gowdy said. “We hear about rigged systems and everybody doesn’t play by the same rules. Meanwhile, the other half of the country also believes the system is rigged. ”

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Gowdy Calls Out Liberal Bias

Gowdy then called out the liberal bias in the media and at our college campuses.

“It’s just a different system, rigged by different people. The other half believes it’s the media. It’s higher education. It’s politics that is stacked or rigged or biased against one orthodoxy or ideology,” he said. “The symptoms are different, but the underlying pathology is the same, and the underlying pathology is a belief that unfairness is pervasive.”

“We can handle mistakes,” Gowdy continued. “We should not accept a lack of fairness from any institution. The institution which is supposed to be that neutral detached referee is the media. Supposed to be but at least half the country believes the referee is really pulling for the other side.”

Gowdy concluded by saying that society must demand that the “umpire” be fair, or “we could keep trending toward professional wrestling, where there are no rules, there’s no fairness, and the end justifies the means.”

“The outcome is fixed, and it’s all just for entertainment. I’ll settle for baseball, with a fair umpire who treats both sides the same,” he said. “What I will not accept, and what I fear, is a political system degrading itself into professional wrestling.”

This piece was written by James Samson on June 17, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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  • Right now there is truckloads of cash being delivered to those wanting to bring America to it's knees...Look at the money Soros is spending to buy political office in every election and the money trail of all the money being spent and made at the Mx border.....You could buy an army and it just might....

  • I can't believe many Democrats actually believe that requiring a photo ID in order to vote, or purging voter rolls of dead voters or those who have moved out of the State is rigging elections against them. Requiring voters to register, proving their, ID before elections is not unreasonable either. Automatically registering voters when they get driver's licenses, though, is an invitation to voter fraud. I find it difficult to believe many Democrats really believe the system is stacked against them.

  • agree. and its just not the huge media operations. I live in a red state However our state wide newspaper the Arkansas Democrat Gazette has completely destroyed itself by only allowing their subscribers to see just a part of the news and only if it beneficial to the democrat party. or to stir up racial hate by re running old news stories about the KKK in Arkansas's past. why keep bringing up a past that we have moved so far beyond ? the paper also never publicized anything positive the Trump administration did for the country or any other republicans'. I can't imagine the ADG stays afloat by subscribers fees even my 95 year old mother who loved her morning paper with coffee finally had to cancel the paper as it was too bias. and when an elderly person gives up their newspaper you know something is dreadfully wrong. Either the paper is getting a fortune from the few advertisers they still have or someone is subsidizing their production.

  • and I hope that the GOP would not stoop as low as the DEMS. it is up to the consumer to cut media's wings we have already seen what power the American audience has when it came to boycotting the NFL and others.

  • There goes Gowdey again: LATE to the battle AGAIN. Then, as usual, in due time, after his initial political "blast" NOTHING, NOTHING,, NOTHING. Just ask HRC.

  • Trey Gowdy was a US Representative for the state of South Carolina, and this article would have had more impact had the writer actually been able to get at least that key point correct. The content of Gowdy's message, however, is accurate. There is a different playbook when it comes to reporting on non-conservatives. Unfortunately, conservatives moaning about this is not going to improve it. Calling it out in public forums when it is on full display is the only way to begin to get the message across. President Trump was noteworthy for doing just that. However, he was so despised by the media and members of the other side that the truth of what he was saying was completely lost. His message, then, was only received by the "choir" of those affected. It was totally lost on those who were perpetrating the problem. I don't know who will ever be able to correct this. I doubt that it will be corrected. The people presenting this message are overpowered by the people who are opposed to the real truth and are focused only on "relative truth"---their "truth" which is not connected to reality but to partisanship.

  • Don't leave out the traitors like Benedict 'Mitch' McConnell and Kevin 'I love Pelosi' McCarthy! And by the way, it's 'SUCKERBERG!!!

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