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February 26, 2024
California State University professor Melina Abdullah wondered if being a Taylor Swift fan is a sign of racism.
Mark Wahlberg
December 21, 2023
The Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg is claiming that he’s a “pretty cool” dad when it comes to his two daughters’ dating lives.
antisemitism campus
Jewish students at universities are being harassed and threatened in unprecedented numbers as antisemitism takes over campuses.
Megyn Kelly Candace Owens
October 16, 2023
Megyn Kelly and Candace Owens got into a major fight on social media about college students being blacklisted for protesting against Israel.
Luke Bryan
August 17, 2023
Luke Bryan is speaking out to credit hard work with his success in country music, saying that he “earned it the old-fashioned way.”
August 16, 2023
President Joe Biden’s administration has issued a guidance on how to consider race in college admissions despite the recent SCOTUS ruling.
Mike Rowe
August 10, 2023
Mike Rowe of “Dirty Jobs” fame has donated $1 million through his foundation to teach young adults trade in work ethic scholarships.
Dylan Mulvaney Bud Light
July 20, 2023
The transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney is trying to score jobs on college campuses after the Bud Light debacle.
Joy Reid
July 6, 2023
The woke MSNBC host Joy Reid has shockingly admitted that she “got into Harvard only because of affirmative action.”
Shark Tank Kevin O'Leary Bud Light
June 30, 2023
The downfall of Bud Light has been so massive that Kevin O’Leary of “Shark Tank” fame wants to teach college students about it.
college professors liberal
June 1, 2023
How did the beacons of critical thought and intellectual growth become morphed into the progressive left’s indoctrination machine? Through the very purposeful hiring practices of college administrators.
poll gen z censorship
May 4, 2023
As a millennial, I always used to roll my eyes when my older brother’s generation would judge people like me […]